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Tor anonymity network could be ‘easily compromised,’ researcher says

07.09.2013 03:24

Following revelations of mass online surveillance and encryption backdoors installed by the National Security Agency, some users have flocked to the Tor router service – although experts warn that it may not be as secure as once thought.

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dex 08.09.2013 08:58

If everyone used it they would go broke trying to crack encryption of individual emails. let themsleves eat themselves alive, if I am to have no legal privacy, then you are to have a bigger deficit than the one you already have. they admit black project budgets, let them also predict 50% of that going into trying to crack My knock knock jokes I send my collegues.
Who will 'crack' first?


fred 07.09.2013 20:47

I would suggest use Tor, but use it together with pgp!


Elect Resist 07.09.2013 15:36

I never believed in Tor Project, let me remind you Tor Project was launched by Department Of Defence (DoD).


Buran 07.09.2013 15:20

Most of these new users are not humans, it's a botnet. This is a statement from Tor project website.


Carl Anderson 07.09.2013 12:12

When I use TOR, I use it in conjunction with a VPN service as well. A family member who works for the US Govt advised me that I am "off the grid" then.


2-bit 07.09.2013 09:33

I am buying a carrier pigeon, try crack my evil death pigeon

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