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Study reveals GMO corn to be highly toxic

15.04.2013 16:19

A leaked study examining genetically-modified corn reveals that the lab-made alternative to organic crops contains a startling level of toxic chemicals.

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Koko Loewen 28.07.2014 16:40

I have conducted my own personal experiment by eliminating all corn and derivatives of corn from my diet.
I lost over 30 lbs. over a 3 month period. I no longer have joint pain. I no longer look puffy all of the time. I no longer have leg cramps and I have a good level of energy. I could go on and on. I suggest that other people do this easy experiment. Read the labels. Do not eat anything that has corn in it or has eaten corn. You will be amazed.


Larry Panganiban 15.10.2013 14:47

what i'm seeing here is that monsanto is double-time in reducing the popullation of the world so that 500 million remains. this in the preparation of his new world order agenda...and this popullation as to become members to 666. that's why at the end god will wipe it i don't want to become a would be better to die earlier than burning in the enternal fire forever...


Jleo Minja 06.10.2013 06:48

idol worshipers shall all perish with its curse,yes money shall sweep us all off!

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 11:08

GMO corn in MANY things.We shouldn't knowingly continue to ingest toxins and expect to be healthy.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 18:26

It is not al-kaida,or islam or anything else that will kill us,but it is the Lobby...

Anonymous user 28.06.2013 16:32

The Vietnamese should take Monsanto before the Hague for the damages of Agent Orange, somebody help!

Anonymous user 26.06.2013 05:57

Monsanto tried patenting rice grain Indian farmers have planted forever, but the Hague threw it out.

Anonymous user 26.06.2013 05:50

I include Monsanto as part of "the axis of evil". Who else?

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 10:51

if you research it, the science is being discredited by other scientists


Ruben Ramirez 16.06.2013 13:33

Someone has spoken about genocide, refering to the products genetically modified....

Anonymous user 15.06.2013 17:22

The 4 horsemen of the bioapocalypse: Monsanto, Du Pont, Syngenta and Cargill

Anonymous user 15.06.2013 16:57

Not only Seralini studies show that GMOs are poison. Russian studies confirm the terrifying results

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