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Traffic-stop recording led to woman’s wrongful arrest, suit claims

22.02.2014 00:42

A Florida woman has announced that she plans to file suit against the police department that left her locked up for a night after she recorded her conversation with an officer who pulled her over for a routine traffic stop.

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Marcus Millard 23.02.2014 21:30

The US has become a Police State! Citizens have little or or no rights.


Roy Bathgate 23.02.2014 19:07

the cop had "interfering with electronic communications" which is a felony but no mention of that, Just a over reaction? if a civilian did it? jail time.


robert lung 23.02.2014 14:12

Fighting back against the WAR PIGS is what ALL citizens should do if possible to put an end to these CRIMINALS who think they are above everybody. They get away with MURDER and no one seems to care. When the CRASH hits here in America the WAR PIGS may be squealing b/c the people will be paying back these PIGS for all the crimes they have committed against us. Straighten up you PIGS and behave b/c your day is COMING. hahahahahahahahaaaaa


MrRonda Mathews 23.02.2014 11:35

It doesn't matter what Floriduh law is. The Supreme Court refused to hear a case involving even more stringent consent requirements in Illinois, effectively overriding all state consent clauses. The cops know this, they've been aware for quite some time. This is a slam dunk. Police have no expectation of privacy while on duty.


Aaron Brown 23.02.2014 06:04

The law is very clear in Florida, you cannot audio record people without their Consent and without their Knowledge.

Every state In the US is different, here in Missouri it's perfectly legal to record people without their knowledge and without their consent as long as it's within a certain distance, can't use high-powered microphones from 100 yards away.

Her mistake was telling the officer what she was doing, that was foolish. It's one thing to commit a crime, it's another thing to admit you committed a crime to a law-enforcement officer, that's a guaranteed conviction. She would be wise to cop a plea.


joshua jackson 23.02.2014 04:37

As much as i dont like it, the police play law unto themselves, and with the DA's they play judge jury and executioner. Without a recording or some kind of evidence, your just a victim. Id have to hear the tape to see what law the cop broke, and how he broke it to really say anything. This snatching people out of the car stuff, now that is for the birds. You shouldnt fear the risk physical altercation everytime a cops approaches you. But that is where we find ourselves today, and its there actions that is bringing it about. Look at the Thomas video. Out of those 15 cops watching, weres the good cop? Dont see one


Jim 23.02.2014 03:40

Don't blame the cops - blame the Florida voters. Some states are planning to REQUIRE police to video all their encounters with citizens - a great way to keep everybody honest.

But not Florida - there are too many red-necks there.


Dee Wilson 23.02.2014 03:22

Seems like every day on the news here in Florida some cop gets out of hand, either killing with a tazer, breaking an 80 year old mans neck for resisting arrest while drunk, sleeping in their cars, raiding the wrong house at 2am and when the homeowner answers the door with a gun, they kill him. They get these killing machines right out of the military.


Richard Dorr 23.02.2014 02:00

So what started as her doing something illegal she figured this was her way out. I know when I've been pulled over the first thing I do is grab my phone to record instead of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, Sounds like she had it planned. Hope she never needs a cop in the future.


Chris 23.02.2014 01:22

[quote name='greg geitner' time='22.02.2014 18:47']as much as it sickens me to see and hear these atrocities i believe there are good decent police officers out there somewhere. that being said i am prepared to defend what i know to be right UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES[/quote ]

Of course you're right, but the good ones wouldn't be hidden if they would actually testify against the bad ones. Thumbs up to the cop that told her it was illegal.


Freaky 22.02.2014 20:45

She nust be a lucky girl, normally they shoot first, ask and checked later


Charles 22.02.2014 20:21

The Sheriff shouldn't be arresting anyone for a commercial crime any way. Since "ALL" Sheriff's operate under the Judicial branch of the government. While commercial crimes and law enforcement are supposed to be enforced by the Executive branch.

The separation of powers in the Constitution is quite clear that one branch of government can not enforce the duties of the other branches of government. so just more coercion, misinformation and out right lies to keep the people in line.


MyShowtime33 22.02.2014 12:01

It's no surprise when you do that to them....they can't handle it.....didn't she know as a citizen they just record you....businesses don't like it either when you call them and tell them...yeah I am recording this also....this officer should be told to find a new job....forever....


Dennis 22.02.2014 08:54

A Good Cop is a Dead Cop.....


Mikel Tyler 22.02.2014 02:38

Some people hold their phones just in case....I hold my gun. It works a lot better at keeping pieces of s. like that at bay than a phone


KAD 22.02.2014 01:02

Just another day in the not so great U.S. of A.

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