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TrapWire investigation links transit systems and Anonymizer in global surveillance network

13.08.2012 20:53

The facts behind TrapWire continue to surface in the days since WikiLeaks exposed the state-of-the-art surveillance system, but minute-by-minute more is being revealed about not just the scary intelligence infrastructure but its questionable ties.

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mergon 16.03.2014 08:45

Cross bows work wonders for the cams .

If you have a paint ball gun get your paint balls loaded with real paint .

Hi powered air rifle and go for the cables first then the lens !


mergon 05.02.2014 15:44

Example go to the comment you have just made and right click and go to inspect element and then have a good look around in there !
Yes its a digital life !


mergon 05.02.2014 15:40

OK their system is here and its not going away , if you dont like face recognition ,you can defeat it with metallic make up or smart water on your face, carry your phone in a shielded pouch,as with computers and tablets,
Dont drive a new wave vehicles as they transmit location ,
Put electrical tape over your computers camera and microphone holes.
Use a payg phone ,and if you need them to work for your location buy an old none internet phone from a boot sale they then need to track via 3 relay masts and thats not that clever.
Long distance comms are best by short wave burst transmission .
And why its a digital life !


patternnpractice 12.11.2013 08:48

Lord Seth is right and onto the real deal people are either suffering economically or are so in need of a "dreamstate escape " that the major events and some well placed serious "mistaken gun shootings of 13 yr olds" by police etc. even the odd mass shootings all create the conditions for a people to NOT want to get "too noisy" & then if you do, and hold some official position you are seriously labeled by this meta data big brother matrix it doesn't take much to silence an entire army of lawyers n advocates where and when people begin to lose their professional licenses to the powers that b I know this verywell


Superabound 20.08.2013 11:53

Well one thing is for sure: if you use Anonymizer, every single thing you do is being monitored in real time by TrapWire, Abraxas, and Cubic.

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