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Federal agent with fake bomb passes through TSA screening

08.03.2013 19:11

An undercover TSA agent successfully bypassed security with a mock “bomb” during a recent drill at Newark Liberty International Airport, claims the New York Post.

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mergon 04.07.2014 08:39

Cavity bombs are the ones to watch for all you need is an Ann summers 6 speed one with turbo overdrive !


Alex Povolotski 03.07.2014 14:54

The shield by definition is running behind the sword. So, whatever measures they are putting in place, they are putting them as a reaction to a threat, not proactively.

The biggest threat is not a conventional bomb but a bilogical threat. An infected person, a carrier of a biological agent, spending a flight together in a recirculated air environment with a hundred other people, then in the airport with 1000s other people -- that's your threat right there.

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 19:24

It's like that scene from the film Airplane 2. The terrorists go through but granny is searched.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 17:38

Did any one get fired? I wonder. If not, then it must have been an inside job for unrevealed reasons


Alex Povolotski 11.03.2013 14:59

And they're afraid of knives after that??? Knives are the least of your worries, people.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 08:03

Because they only search middle eastern/muslim people

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 03:12

A friend flew from Canada to US, forgetting there was a hunting knife in his backpack. No problem.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 01:11

TSA are fucktards who used to work minimum wage jobs at McDonalds but couldn't handle the pressure.

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 20:51

Bill ohio USA. They weren't sexually
assault ing enough people.

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 12:09

sounds like a fake report to get them nore power.

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 02:45

TSA scanners aren't for finding bombs. They are for handling breast penises and old lady's diapers.

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 22:34

The bombs would have been found if TSA still used the backscatter Xrays

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 19:51

TSA...... what a waste of the tax payers money

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