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TSA delays lifting ban on knives on board

23.04.2013 18:20

The TSA has had second thoughts about allowing pocketknives and golf clubs in carry-on baggage: the agency has delayed the implementation of a new policy that would serve as the greatest loosening of security since 9/11.

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Anonymous user 10.05.2013 17:53

Razor knives had nothing to do with 9/11. An inside job!

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 12:25

I'd like to see guns on planes. Much safer.

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 07:33

Well, if they made every seat an ejection seat without parachutes, there would be no problems ever.

Anonymous user 30.04.2013 00:10

Stupid flight attendants just don't have a clue.

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 23:11

Liberalism is a mental disorder, Michael Savage was right. Forget the knives, let me carry my .45!


Rondal Hefley 29.04.2013 20:50

If every passenger were required to carry a large knife on to a plane when flying, a terrorist would think twice about taking one a plane full of armed passengers...

It's a lot like the gun control proponents arguing that taking guns from law abiding citizens will reduce crime. When in fact, it just means that only the criminals have guns. And, statistics show that when law abiding citizens are armed, criminals think twice about acts of violence and crime is actually reduced.

Th e argument against small knives is silly!

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 20:46

yes! no swiss army knives but a 7" screwdriver is fine. Morons.

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 10:53

They just admitted 787 is unfixable
Added a "flameproof&quo t; battery box to avoid bankruptcy/stock chaos

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 02:43

Stupid little concessions just so the agency can stay alive.

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 01:05

“Liberalism is the ideology of western suicide.”

Anonymous user 23.04.2013 20:28

Once upon a time America was a free country – now the “Rights” animals are running the zoo.

Anonymous user 23.04.2013 20:18

Hysterical women have no business dictating policy that affects millions of flyers.

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