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Man booted from airplane for wearing anti-TSA shirt

22.08.2012 16:36

While trying to board a flight out of Buffalo, New York recently, a PhD student at Arizona State found out the hard way that being on a no-fly list isn’t the only way to attract the attention of the TSA — wearing a funny shirt will do the trick, too.

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mergon 04.07.2014 09:08

TSA stands for terminal shithead attitude !


Ksaint3244 28.03.2014 17:36

Officer Doofy Has the power to search you now so were just goona have to prepare for the Worst.


mergon 25.03.2014 12:52

So after i got tired of little men and women wearing rubber gloves getting paranoid telling me to take my shoes/belt off scanning my bags, toshing through my stuff ,and in one case they broke a cd that was the program for my camera ,telling me i cant take that on or this and just through it in that container with the tons of other passengers stuff that they did not know would not be allowed on ,i just thought fkem iv had enough of flying and have not flown since ,
I just wonder how many other like minded took the same decision ! and how much money the airlines have lost because they treat people like S.H.I.T !

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 04:53

lets create a list of every single TSA worker and post it online, they deserve zero privacy.

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