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Tsarnaevs planned Independence Day attack, Dzhokhar tells investigators

02.05.2013 23:18

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect, has told FBI interrogators that he and his brother had considered suicide attacks for the Fourth of July, the United States' Independence Day, before settling on April 15.

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Anonymous user 10.05.2013 00:27

don't the same corpration masters own russia ?
That are turning us into domino chips?

Anonymous user 04.05.2013 15:31

Stop w the lies, nobody believes anything coming from the US gov or msm anymore. Give it up!

Anonymous user 04.05.2013 14:50

Reminds me of the 4 patsies from Leeds that thought they were part of the Londonexercises on 7/7/05

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 22:19

So he's incriminating himself on MORE charges that he isn't even being charged with? Sure..

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 22:17

sure he did, i didn't even read the whole headline as that has to be a lie as well.

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 22:15

So much evil lurking behind that innocent 19 year old face. We should run and hide.

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 22:13

They work for Homeland Security, Russian FSB double agents and the American-Turkish Council

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 21:04

The great American empire will live forever. No one can defeat the Americans. They are too great!

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 21:03

Anyone believe this tripe. He will be scared to death and say anthing they want if even true!

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 20:48

Anyone believe this tripe. He will be scared to death and say anthing they want if even true!

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