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Tulsa, Oklahoma mulls name change for landmarks named for KKK leader

25.07.2013 22:16

The second-largest city in Oklahoma is embroiled in controversy over whether to change the name of a large section of downtown that is currently named after an early town leader who was a prominent member of white supremacy group the Ku Klux Klan.

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Mike Martin 20.12.2013 01:29

The KKK is just a pathetic group of ignorant good ole boys hiding like cowards behind a sheet.Theyre a disgrace to this nation which is about freedom and equality and a disgrace to theyre own race.Sadly many parts of the south are completely backwards to this day and havent got with the times.For many the Civil war never ended.

Anonymous user 28.07.2013 16:45

Only racists' would defend a city honoring a former racitst. May God forgive you all.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 13:55

native Amer. our race was almost wiped out ,, no holiday

Anonymous user 26.07.2013 19:33

Tired of the blacks hating city names, fore-fathers of the constitution. Grow up or back to Africa.

Anonymous user 26.07.2013 17:59

"the past isn't over. it's not even past."

-- william faulkner

Anonymous user 26.07.2013 05:04

Just because the past isn't appealing to everyone does not mean it is ok to try and erase it.

Anonymous user 26.07.2013 01:28

Tulsa is a nice town, with a lot of nice well meaning, clueless people, still living in the 60s.

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