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UK officials asked New York Times to destroy Snowden docs

30.08.2013 19:01

The New York Times was asked by British authorities to destroy classified intelligence files leaked to the media by former national security contractor Edward Snowden, Reuters reports.

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Boysie 01.09.2013 11:35

{goedelite] - What is your argument - what solutions do you have - what is the objective of your comment...Do you think that (if you tried) you could come up with a comment worth reading...


Ephraiyim ben Yisrael 31.08.2013 02:02

I say do what they ask...after you distribute all the files received through tor and other internet groups systems that would allow for wide knowledge of all the UK is trying to hide.
Maybe even involve Wikileaks! Shove their ever loven hypocritical faces in it. If they have US stuff they should expose everything there as well.


Michael McCurley 31.08.2013 01:38

If they're not doing anything wrong, then they've got nothing to hide right? That's what they keep telling us...


goedelite 30.08.2013 23:45

[quote name='RYBY' time='30.08.2013 22:53']
The world bank is in England. Which is majority owned by the Rothchild Family, ....

Yes, yes, the Rothchilds ! How boring ! Blame the Rothchilds for everything! How about the passivity of the peoples of the so-called democracies? How about their have succumbed to the neoliberals (Reagan, Thatcher, Clinton, et al.) and to the neocons (Bush, Obama)? Is their gullibility of no blame? The liberals in the US who voted for the wedding of depositor banks and investment banks; are they of no blame? Are US conservatives who helped destroy the Bill of Rights; no blame?


Chaitanya Kalevar 30.08.2013 23:35

In the age of empire, when the empire - USA spends more than ten most worry-some warlike countries - all citizens of the world have right to know how the empire is being run and who is calling the shots? Is it the President, Pentagon or the super rich 1% - Rothchilds, Koch etc?


Commander 30.08.2013 22:52

It seems that the UK is doing most of the sweating, in regards to the leaked information. It sure makes one wonder what in the world Britain has been up to.

These politicians sure are a bunch of psychopathic criminals.


maria 30.08.2013 21:03

Why is UK asking, demanding, whatever to destroy files? They supposedly govern the USA? That 2me sounds even more & more rotten. Citizens of the world have the right 2know. Especially, US citizens since they pay taxes & have right 2 know what their government does with their $$$

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