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​US to pump $300mn into Afghanistan to end ‘war economy’ – report

09.02.2014 12:47

Washington will announce on Monday a massive aid package to Afghanistan, which it hopes will assist the war-torn country get back on its feet after 12 years of playing host to foreign troops, Reuters has learned.

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Regula 15.02.2014 12:25

These $300m seem at best a gesture: after pumping billions into supposed reconstruction in Afghanistan which didn't accomplish much of anything why would $300m now miraculously turn everything around?

The US made some efforts at eradicating poppy fields, but without much success. What makes the US believe that $110m will miraculously get the Afghan farmers cut back their life style and plant food only for a much less lucrative gain?

Based on what security does the US want to open Afghanistan to foreign investment? To US corporations? And for whose gain? In other words: exploitation by the US at Afghanistan's loss.


J Lee Cline 13.02.2014 23:47

We can't afford 7-8 million for foodstamps or housing for our own poor but the Pentagon can do this??? How did this pass?


teseeker 11.02.2014 23:58

How dare our government send $millions of our Social Security, Unemployment, and Food Stamp money to a foreign country that sells $billions worth of heroin and it's opiates to the pharmaceutical companies and not tax them or the trade itself?

It's just another foreign bribe for them to be our friends while stealing America's wealth from it's citizens. With the narcotic trade illegal, they can charge any amount they want and do!


john242 11.02.2014 16:00

Typical of america...blow up countries and kill thousands of innocent people in the name of peace...then try and come in as the good guys and give them their cabbage curreny that the world is trying to dump...


Devon Torgerson 10.02.2014 17:25

It wont let me share this document. -_- Anyone else?


Frank Inbun 10.02.2014 15:15

At least we drove out the Soviets and the secular progressive Afghan government trying to improve the Afghan's lives. Heroin anyone?


Freesaxon 10.02.2014 11:24

US to pump $300mn into Afghanistan

And sending the bill to China


Addy Shan 10.02.2014 00:54

what people forget to mention is that this is nothing to do with drugs. Afghanistan as 30trillion worth of minerals and with a country that has never really been explored maybe oil, gold. this is the big picture if Afghanistan was a baron land the US wouldnt be there pumping money in cause they want their share of the riches.


Buddy Russell 09.02.2014 23:50

Now the truth comes out ,this is the reason we went to war with Taliban. American Gov't can't have the flow of heroin stopped , watch the video's of US troops guarding Pot and Poppy fields .


Buddy Russell 09.02.2014 23:44

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) will announce three new development programs worth almost $300 million to wean Afghanistan off its 'war economy,' which is heavily subsidized today by opium exports – a trade that had been practically squashed while the country was under Taliban rule.
Under the USAID initiative, $125 million will go to reviving Afghanistan's food and farm sector, and another $77 million to opening up the country to greater international trade and investment.......... .So we are giving them 300 mill to start their opium business and go international ??? WTF is wrong with our GOVT?


Feargus O'Maonaigh 09.02.2014 23:21

so whats in it for the American government, they spent the past 12 years both pumping cash and armour into the country and now they want to become the peacekeepers, if they had to have had kept their noses out of Afghanistan in the first place, there would be no problem of which would require western aid... if there was no oil in Afghanistan, there would be no americans... the Afghan people dont want them there in the first place.... usa terrorists, seeking a military base so as to protect the zionists, and rape the country of oil. What a joke !!!


Andrew Hewitt 09.02.2014 20:10

300m Dollars is nothing. Karzai should remove all foreign military. US would love to have military bases in Afghanistan to further intimidate Iran and as for immunity for the American troops, that is a joke right?


Don NunyaBitness 09.02.2014 19:29

Why doesnt the 300 million come out of the Heroin crops?
Chump Change-To Karzide and the Banker
How many people even know Afghanistan is the largest supplier on the planet.

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