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‘I did not join for this’: US servicemen speak out against Syria strike

02.09.2013 10:28

Many US servicemen are against the looming strike on Syria, Republican Congressman Justin Amash said on Twitter, in an attempt to counter the idea that the country might be overwhelmingly in favor of military action.

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Anthony Alexander 09.09.2013 22:31

You don't get to pick what you 'join' for.
You don't even get an opinion. Serve your time and get out, the reason why so many of us die overseas is because of cowards like these who cry and complain about doing the job they committed themselves to when they signed that enlistment contract.


Linda 06.09.2013 16:50

The only thing to do is impeach Obama and his Affordable care act immediately, that should stop all of this. Then let Kerry bloviate his way out the door. The bs artist that he is just like Hillary and Obama, liars till the end. Let's get the real truth to Benghazi and Fast and Furious you two. What laws have you broken? Impeachable offenses?


Peter Craig 06.09.2013 04:44

If George Bush did what this chump is doing, he would have been drawn and quartered. Total incompetence reigns in DC. Support the troops because they have to salute this fraud, and that to me ,would be very difficult.


Mick McNulty 05.09.2013 18:39

If the vote is "Yes" to war it has to be announced some time, and if it is broadcast on live TV the other side may take the vote for war as a declaration of war and strike immediately. They are under no obligation to wait for America to fire the first shot, so they may start striking US vessels before the politicians have even left the chamber. If it is quick and decisive and goes toward defeating America there will be nobody they can complain to, moaning, "It's not fair, we weren't ready!"


Got Truth? 04.09.2013 22:43

Don't believe the trolls who say these soldiers and their photos are not real. This is just corporate/ government damage control. Why do you think Ron Paul got more donations to his campaign from active duty military personnel than all the other Presidential candidates COMBINED? Why do you think the U.S. deliberately does not count the majority of absentee ballots, which is the only way most of these soldiers can vote in elections. Because they care so much about them and their opinions you suppose?


Got Truth? 04.09.2013 22:32

I'm still holding out for the U.S. Congress to vote NO on this. It seems the media in most countries are hyping the support given by a handful of Obama's mobster cronies and fellow war criminals. Don't give up! Keep the pressure on! There are 535 votes altogether. Let them know that a vote in favor of striking Syrina is a vote for World War 3 and we will not let them escape to their bunkers! This is as much an attack on the U.S. as any other nation. If we are bombed, the war criminals will literally get everything they want both there and here - martial law, depopulation, rounding up all the dissidents into camps.


dan 04.09.2013 15:34

the usa has lost any moral authority it may have ever had. obamas objective is to advance his pro- gay propaganda onto as many people as possible.


Jim Evans 04.09.2013 14:09

Even members of the us armed forces see the folly of attacking Syria.


WorkTogether 04.09.2013 11:27

[quote name='Paul' time='03.09.2013 10:49']Syria has not attacked any other country let alone the United States. President Obama giving the orders to attack another country that has not attacked the United States is illegal. If an when any country including the USA attacks Syria, it will be an act of war.
No other country in the World is controlled by a President from another country, which involves internal affairs and the laws of that country. Yet President Obama feels that he has the right to punish the people of Syria...
[/quote ]

Obama backed by zionists is the Terrorist Policeman of the planet!


Samir Chala 04.09.2013 11:26

I'm french and i support you soldiers ! Us people must to take back the control of his country and expel all the zionists ! In France, thats the same now ! GL


WorkTogether 04.09.2013 11:05

Jeff Hotchkins 03.09.2013 14:32

Question : Are the Syrian people still paying taxes to the government that is attacking them ?
Stop work now !


A re the American people still paying taxes to a government selling them out to the Saudi's & destroying the US' international reputation ?


WorkTogether 04.09.2013 10:57

Rick 03.09.2013 17:58

ames M Driskell, I don't remember taking an oath to invade every country on the planet. Stop being an idiot! It's making you look bad!


Pl ease vote down the shill, I voted him up by mistake! Thx


WorkTogether 04.09.2013 10:41

[quote name='Austin White' time='03.09.2013 18:21']
&amp ;quo t;I,____________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God"
[/quot e]

Shill! I up-voted you by mistake. One would obey only a real POTUS not the classic idiot excuse you have in the WH right now.


Donna Marie 03.09.2013 20:49

The majority of the people of the United States of America are against interference in Syria . So when you say the US please make sure to look at the polls of what the people want . This is not people against people . This is government against government . Terrorist against government . This is all about power and the people are just human casualties in all countries .


Rick 03.09.2013 19:46

Earl Azar "Shut up and follow whatever orders you are given, Heil Obama!"


Jerome Risby 03.09.2013 19:14

You guy rock - It's imperitive to understand the United States Consititution, even in layman english, as noted the reason why the Constitution was laied out in the sequintialed format by the founder. The first (10) amendments of the United States Constitution are Laws protecting and only pertaining to the relationship between federal goverment and the individual citizian. After those first (10), the Constitutional protections deal with legal rights and protections of more than (1).


ahmed mustafa rajasekaran 03.09.2013 19:01

Thanks for the Wise decision of US servicemen. You have rightly said. May God bless you. Please stay away from other country's civil disputes......


Tommy Phillips 03.09.2013 19:00

How is it that the Syria's government was able to develop Chemical weapons, transport them for use, and fire them apon Syrians without the US knowing anything until after they were used- The premise for the Iraq war in 2002 was satalite imagery of WMD's being transported and the suspicion of Iraq's developement of WMD's. Again this is 10+ years later in the drone age so either US intelligence f-ed up or someone is telling a lie.


Rick 03.09.2013 18:30

"I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States" Yep, that's mine alright. Sometimes I have to get out my "Constitution book" to see which one I'm supposed to be supporting for the day. Hypocrisy!

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