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US Navy pulls two aircraft carriers from Syria shores

17.12.2012 20:56

Two aircraft carriers stationed off the Syrian coast were sent back to the US this week in a move that the Obama administration thought would ease tensions, but angered Turkish officials who hoped for significant US military presence in the region.

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J Faltin 05.06.2014 11:58

Barrie Featherstone 04.09.2013 05:21
Im quite surprised that more and more people seem to be so frustrated that armchair warriors here are advocating what would become a nuclear conflict.
" A couple of weeks from now we'll see how brave Russia is."

I think Europe owes its liberation to great extent to the 20 plus millions of Russians who fought and lost their lives. What happened after in the USSR Soviet Union and the subsequent Stalin invasions of Eastern Europe is a sepparate matter.
But Stalin is gone and The US led west should stop capitalizing on peoples fears.
There is not a nation on the planet as violent as?


Barrie Featherstone 04.09.2013 05:21

You people are delusional, as you can see the carriers are back. The sparrow missile system is more than capable of shooting down the Iskander missile. Plus, with such a short range those rust buckets that the Russian Navy uses would not be able to get close enough to fire them. A couple of weeks from now we'll see how brave Russia is.

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 04:44

ACC are sitting ducks for the new Chinese DS 21 -a ballistic Missle fired from far away-the future!

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 02:55

Did they not get close enouth to Syrian fueldepots? In futre war ACK are anyway useless sitting duck

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