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US Capitol shooting: Police kill woman after she rams WH barricades, no weapon found

03.10.2013 18:27

Gunshots rang out near the US Capitol Building in Washington DC Thursday afternoon, with police fatally shooting a female suspect who led them on a pursuit then rammed a security barrier near the White House.

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Onesmus Macharia 04.11.2013 09:05

This is very sad. Was all that force really necessary?
Remin ds me of American soldiers looking into Sadam Hussein's mouth and the joke that they were looking for chemical weapons - inside the little mouth.

Hope they can learn to use only necessary force in future.


Sally Tsang 11.10.2013 23:55

This is awful! If this had happened in Australia there would be a public outcry, an investigation and the police officers involved would have been stood down pending the investigation. (I know because this happens every time the police chase down speeders or stolen vehicles that ends with a fatality.) I can't believe this sort of thing is just accepted in America...


Afi Keita James 06.10.2013 00:08

Geoff King 04.10.2013 04:28

Unbelievable. A huge para-military force is mobilized to take out an unarmed depressed mother, who was probably scared out of her wits, and the gestapo murderers get a standing ovation from members of congress. Welcome to the USSA. Just remember, if you too lose control of your vehicle, you will be met with extreme predudice and be gunned down where you stand.


I Know that's right.


Ginney Burdick 05.10.2013 20:32

I am a Veteran and I was Homeless. I was Raped and Murder was attempted on me. My Teeth were punched out of my face. I had 2 Sexually transmitted Diseases. Instead of being given a rape Kit The ER ignored my Pleas. I was sent to a Psyc Ward and then after I was released. I went to a Clinic and I was told I had 2 STD's. The police and the Doctors chose to say I was suffering from Psychosis instead of saying I was raped. This is not a Plea for Pity this is a plea for Change. This is how our society deals with Trauma by Ignoring the individual and loading them up on Benzos and Halidol. I am scared for my country.


Ginney Burdick 05.10.2013 20:30

PsyCoTropics Withdrawl causes Psychosis and Rage. Research you will see more Violent Police Crimes and a Young boys on these Meds or in Withdrawl of PsycoTropics commiting Horrorific Murders, rapes and violence on weaker people in Society.


Ginney Burdick 05.10.2013 20:19

Ummm Effective Terrorists Do not Behave Like This. 9-11 The terrorist were quite Organized. She was terrorized that is why she behaved this way. If a Ant is injured it behaves Erractictly. If I put my finger next to the Ant the injured Ant Flees because it does not want to be Hurt. Why did The Secret Service men not know this? She did not deserve to Die this way. Also get a group of ten people together and ask them how many of them suffer from a form of mental illness. Once you see how many are maninfected ask yourself how many of you could be shot just for your mental Illness.


Dozie Nzewi 05.10.2013 19:50

It's bad times. One of the legacies of terror. Unsightly barriers barricading public access buildings in many countries, and police understandably edgy. Car bombs are a favorite weapon of terror. Theory: this lady out of a job for a year with a toddler to look after sees her prospects worsen with the shutdown and, mentally unstable, drives to DC. Or goes to the National mall not quite knowing her way around. Is it coincidental that there is commonly a mental history associated to these events. What is causing what? Overdiagnosis? Poorcare? A medication? Suicide by police.


Bill Tev 05.10.2013 14:03

@Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr. Yes! color does matter. If this was a white woman with a child she wouldn't have been shoot with more than 50+ bullets. Its safe for you as a non person of color to ignore these horror shows.


George Maris 05.10.2013 06:23

"Sorry I didn't see the barricade, the last time i took my daughter for a walk in the park was before Oaklahoma Bombin... Oh my god 4 guns aiming at me!" On top of mental health issues, you wouldn't have the animal survival instinct like, danger, run! Police= 'Kill kill kill, Threat, Action, White house down, yeah Channing Tatum is cool! America...


LisaAgnes 04.10.2013 21:50

encumbrance: a burden or impediment.
encu mbrance: a mortgage or other charge on property or assets.


LisaAgnes 04.10.2013 21:49

We are an 'encumbrance' on the nation and fit only to be slaughtered so that we aren't a drain on the resources of 'those who have money'.


LisaAgnes 04.10.2013 21:47

Dean Anderson 03.10.2013 22:47

A woman (unarmed) is shot in front of her 1 year old child - and the house claps - how far removed from the people have the government become?


A large contingent of the people in the house *hate* single mothers in my opinion. Killing one of them meant one angry single mother less to deal with... and so they were happy. They'd like to kill us all (single mothers) if they could do it.

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