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US govt shuts down for 1st time in 17 years as budget talks fail

01.10.2013 04:11

The US federal government is partially shutting down after the Congress failed to fund its work amid a Republican drive to defund the Obamacare healthcare program. President Obama addressed to US troops to boost their confidence amid the crisis.

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Mig Val 02.10.2013 04:43

I hope the keep it down for a very long time , when I really needed the help I didnt get it and all those basts that I know that did. Not help me qhen I need it. Im haappy that they wont be getting paid mmmmmother fuchas


Peter Craig 02.10.2013 03:52

Troy hit it right on the head!! However, the ballot box this time was as tainted as obamas administration is. Voter fraud swept under the rug by the media, with an unaware (stupid) public ready and willing to shine his shoes.
End result- Stevie Wonder performing at the white house, and Benghazi murderer Hillary waiting in the wings, to make sure we have 1000 years of darkness.
With obamacare and Fukushima wrecking the food chain, its not so hard to imagine now. I actually lose sleep over this !


Peter Craig 02.10.2013 03:37

This should have happened long ago, but the Repubs have no backbone to actually lead a charge. God help us...


Troy Walker 02.10.2013 02:56

Actually it is the American People's Fault.. You all voted the dummy Obama into office for a 2nd term. Knowing that he didn't do anything the first time. So why Reelect a idiot for another 4 years


Rocky Racoon 01.10.2013 20:54

U should hear alex jones going crazy over Obomacare as he calls it. Tells you what side of the fence he is on his attacks on public schools are not veiled either. Don't worry health care and education will soon be available at Wall Mart.....dvd's for grade k to 12 in one packet of 12 and undergrad and grad studies at our specially marked wall marts if you don't know the mark well you have no need for that product-we figured it all out by google computing.....your life chances put you in jail and we have a special designation for you people called sure to remain poor all through life.......


eddie 01.10.2013 19:56

When old empires die new once arise often worse than those that went before.


M.K. 01.10.2013 17:04

Greed reigns supreme it seems. If there ever was a moment in recent american history, which embodies greed and legalized corruption, look no further. Such a disappointment. Americans can do and deserve better.


Geoff King 01.10.2013 16:55

In mid-October they might as well raise the debt ceiling to 500 quadrillion. It is mathematically impossible for the US to ever pay it's current debt, so why not go for broke.....literally?


Elizabeth Davis 01.10.2013 16:00

As an American I am completely embarrassed. I personally don't want Obamacare and neither do most people I know. But most of all I don't want my country's leaders fighting like children.

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