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US to ‘announce future’ of military aid to Egypt – White House

08.10.2013 23:35

The US is not planning to halt “all” military aid to Egypt, the White House has said, refuting some recent media reports. However, in the coming days the US administration is planning to announce the future of its “assistance relationship with Egypt.”

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Nagia Sammakia 11.10.2013 17:58

Who cares about the US aid? The Muslim Brotherhood lead aggressive and violent demonstration, which should be dealt with violently. The MB's are not innocent protesters, they are full of hatred for anyone that doesn't echoe their belief system and are ready to kill in the name of Allah and going to heaven.


Salan Kid 10.10.2013 11:25

America is now a treat to the human race as a whole due to its support for Israel , we view usa as another dictatorship unsurpassed in history , , the end of USA is vital to the survival of the human race .


Kimberlee 09.10.2013 21:10

I in fact agree most of them apply to the general population and the ones controlling it. Every so often you will find one of us who wants to change things here, and when you do run into us the aware, I ask that you help as we can't do it without the rest of the worlds help and understanding. The understanding we need, is that not all of us are what we have been portrayed to be, Thank you for taking a second to read this. And I hope this BS ends soon with king Obama's impeachment, as no other president in our history has committed as many crimes or acts of treason against this country as this criminal has.


Kimberlee 09.10.2013 21:09

Hi I am American (unfortunately), and while I realize most of the people in my country are brain washed cattle, not all of us are. We the aware, here in this country are activly seeking non violent ways to take our country back, from these crimanals who call thems selves our government . We need help, because like I said the masses over here are infact brain washed, and there are just not enough true Americans left here to take our home back. Please realize when you are making your hateful comments about the people here,


NSA 09.10.2013 16:44

While the US government is shutdown and American people are locked out of the job without pay. The Government is proposing to supply aid to a murdering unelected military dictatorship in Egypt.

US government is working for Lockheed Martin not the American people.


oskarD 09.10.2013 13:27

The Jews will create a buffer zone in the Sinai and build illegal settlements


The plague 09.10.2013 12:37

It's funny though, even when hundreds of capitalist dictatorships of all colours succeeded one to another in Egypt, being US lapdogs seems to be their one true constant.


Vice 09.10.2013 12:29

Christopher John Walters 09.10.2013 01:35

AIPAC and Israel won't let him cut Military aid.


Wh y not? Aid cut = military losing control of Sinai, presenting a perfect opportunity for Israel to "step in and help" and maybe just take over the region you know...


Vice 09.10.2013 12:27

Now how else are they gonna get money to buy our guns!? Hmmmmm...... I sense a trap being set up here


Bitty1985 09.10.2013 09:57

well it's about TIME!!!!


kc 09.10.2013 03:05

No need military aid.
Just keep the White House shut down.
The world will be peaceful.


gera toutoune 09.10.2013 02:41

Illusory words. The white house is making empty words. The Us is under more than 10 years of economic catastrophe. but to beat the drum of arrogance it tells every country it's going to help. The Us government plans to continue giving Egypt 1.5 billion while the government is currently under a economic short down. when we people will stop buying politicians lies?


Naseem Shanbour 09.10.2013 02:27

Haye USA

USA: What?

Nothi ng!

USA: What do you mean nothing?

We need nothing from you..... bye bye

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