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US database containing dam vulnerabilities breached

01.05.2013 23:25

An online database containing information on 79,000 dams throughout the US was compromised for several months by a hacker, according to a spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers. Analysts reportedly traced the hack to China.

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Anonymous user 03.05.2013 09:17

china has its own dam dam , broken it can flood half of china manufacture off the map in minutes.

Anonymous user 02.05.2013 22:20

Club of Rome wants rid of dams as they promote population growth [UN AGENDA 21]

Anonymous user 02.05.2013 15:46

Those DAM chinese xD

Anonymous user 02.05.2013 07:47

False Flag, how has this term become so popular, who decided to give it this name?

Anonymous user 02.05.2013 03:37

the next false flag 'target'? or related structure maybe?

Anonymous user 02.05.2013 03:36

the next false flag? or a related structure

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