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Drones cleared for domestic use across the US

29.11.2011 17:47

What do you know about drones? You know drones — those robotic, unmanned planes that fire missiles for the American military across Afghanistan, Pakistan and anywhere else the United States needs to get away with murder.

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mergon 06.03.2014 09:55

Because the drones are looking and listening !
Looking at what is happening today you need to keep a low profile ,lower than a rattle snakes bollox .

This spying on the general public is based on one thing and its this CIA expression , [one person can make a difference ] thats why they keep looking ,they say if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about !

If you are that one person that can make a difference then make it count and let others know how to make that difference .
FK the gov and their private for money contractors !


mergon 29.01.2014 10:22

An automated future ,thats how the corporations and government see it ,drive down the road and your vehicle is transmitting your tax,mot,insurance and licence details along with your speed, 1 drone can increase revenues 100 fold over 1 officer in a car, auto speeding tickets by the 1000 saves on admin costs , real time traffic reports,the list goes on ,the domestic application of the drone will only lead to the lists of the unemployed !


Alex Povolotski 31.05.2013 14:39

Way to go. Another step towards the police state and drone wars.

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