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10 ways govt shutdown will hurt America

30.09.2013 17:28

With the threat of a federal government shutdown hanging over the US economy, here is a handy list of the possible effects American citizens and the rest of the world could face if no deal is reached to continue funding.

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mergon 05.03.2014 08:57

Has she trod on someone,s toes ? or is she ill ?
No its not mechanicle attraction its the vibrant energy she has , the fact that she just cuts through the fat and goes for the throat ,im not a fan of the American news model ,but i felt at home with Abbey .


Sam 10.10.2013 15:10

How do housing loans, guaranteed by the Federal government, help stimulate the economy? And if they are so great for the Amerikan people why haven't they recovered from the 2008 recession?


Sam 10.10.2013 15:08

Troops will not get paid? That's a lie.


Sam 10.10.2013 14:43

I know this is an old post but isn't all of those things listed above in some way or another being negatively affected by government itself anyway?

Any body here read Bastiat?


Carlos Craig 10.10.2013 12:43

all of you act like little kids.

All of you act like little kids.If you dont do what I want
I`ll pick up my things and go home. How can you get any
thing done when you act like that. I tink we should fire
all of you and get some people with some knowledge
of how to work together.


Ken Okita 06.10.2013 15:42



Cloey Busch 03.10.2013 03:15

this is unblevible
i can not stand for this
and i'm saying this from my heart


Sam 02.10.2013 22:28

I can't believe this is even on the RT!

Who cares about government workers that suck up the taxpayers wealth in the name of "public services" which never even resemble services you'd expect. When was the last time ANYONE felt safe when an unmarked car followed you along any stretch of road? FBI, CIA, DHS?


Roland Heymanns 02.10.2013 19:23

So does anybody pay taxes now for a Government that does not deliver any services?

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