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Sandy gunman might have planned bigger massacre

16.12.2012 19:54

As investigators frantically look for reasons as to how and why Adam Lanza shot his mother and then murdered 26 people at Sandy Hook elementary school, including 20 children, a picture is beginning to emerge of the man responsible for this tragedy.

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Prytyn 09.07.2014 22:45

They think if they keep telling the same lie over and over it will become true? Lance Obamastrong doing Rocky's bidding.


Prytyn 09.07.2014 22:39

Port Arthur all over again. For years and years no one goes on these sprees then all of a sudden they pop up all over the place coincidently as gun control yap goes viral; and they think "we" are stupid. Its the Governments disarming for their global superstate. Get organised fast.

Anonymous user 05.04.2013 14:11

The "U.S." Gov't used this clown as a patsy.

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