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12 feet and rising: Record flooding threatens Midwest (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

20.04.2013 11:27

Torrential downpours along the Mississippi River have forced Midwesterners in half a dozen states to fight back floodwaters, which risk reaching record levels.

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Anonymous user 21.04.2013 07:42

US gov't is too busy funding rebels, dissidents and NGOs. Infrastructure rating = D+. No surprise!

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 04:50

Flooding in the Mississippi Drainage is like Snow in Moscow - It Happens

Peo ple have boats at home


Kenneth Pettingill 21.04.2013 03:04

Hang in there prairie states!

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 00:22

As long as America funds terrorists I don't care about their suffering. $123 MILLION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 22:20

That $123 million sent to fund terrorists could have been better spent helping flood victims

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 22:04

Don't worry they can well afford their insurance for this as well as paying more taxation to stop it

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 20:52

USA logic- a man arrested for collecting rain water .no lie-look it up....

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 20:25

There is also an NH3 and fertilizer plant in Marseilles, IL. Directly on the river.

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 17:09

Natures way of constantly showing USA that they got there environmental policies totally wrong !!

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 16:57

HARRP is Behind these Weather Patterns FACT

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