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US drastically expanding military presence in the Philippines

18.12.2012 20:46

The US will significantly increase its military presence in the Philippines – an announcement that has angered China, whose Communist Party chief urged his military to prepare for a struggle and whose state-run media have criticized the agreement.

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Rowena Vicencio Reams 07.04.2014 15:31

You, Roger Owens residing in Cebu City, who keeps hating Filipinos and staying in a country you hate most, you lost your ambition to be elected in congress. Big failure! You need an average I.Q. to be congressman in our country, the U.S. of A. and you failed. Now you have the guts to sit in your tiny Filipino living room making hate videos against Filipinos!?! Man up! Leave the Philippines and come back here. It's safer to do your bitching here.


Roger Owen 01.09.2013 05:10

And thank you Russia for protecting Edwin Snowden. America "Does" have heros. It is sad when they need to seek protection from Washington by going to another country.


Roger Owen 01.09.2013 05:07

The central Luzon Loony in the Metro Manila area has been scamming the American Government, the American ExPat and the other foreigners for many years. Do "NOT" waste the American's time and American Taxpayer Money on a country (like the Philippines) who have Scammed and Cheated us. The corruption here has encouraged between 12 to 15 Million Filipinos (legal and illegal) to seek work and a better life in other countries with at least 5 Million in the US alone. I will do my best to encourage the US "NOT" to waste our American Taxpayer Dollars on a corrupt 3rd world Metro Manila wasteland in the Philippines.


Roger Owen 01.09.2013 05:06

I ran for US Congress, TX-01 against Louie Gohmert in 2006 and 2008. The national debt, trade deficit, immigration, etc. was a few of the major concerns we face in the US. And who do we have in Washington? A bunch of fools running us deeper in debt while they give our tax money to Beggars and Bums to countries like the Philippines who Hate us in the central Luzon area?


Roger Owen 01.09.2013 05:06

@ Pentagon Chief Chuck Hagel, you and Obama have a full plate with Syria in the middle east. In reference to southeast Asia, your visits to Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei will have more credibility in this region than a 3rd world cesspool like the Philippines (that other Asians in southeast Asia have little regard for).

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