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US military personnel increasingly choosing liposuction to beat body fat tests

29.10.2013 00:22

Military personnel are increasingly turning to liposuction in order to pass the Pentagon’s body fat test in an effort to maintain future prospects amid a budget-cutting environment.

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patrick 30.10.2013 01:35

you guys dont even know what your talking about i recently joined the army im 5.10 and 180 pounds and almost didn't make the cut! yet i can do almost 100 push ups and can run four miles non stop! some people are built big but there a lot of muscle so dont be calling american service members fat when all your doing right now is sitting behind a computer


Leon the Professional 29.10.2013 19:36

Fat U.S. soldiers? That's good news. Makes for easier targets for Russian Spetsnaz in the future....


extravaganza 29.10.2013 18:25

That's why growing hormones are illegal in European food industry, and in Europe, healthy food is cheapest food, but NOT in USA


Saddique Hassan Durrani 29.10.2013 17:38

Well i have seen military persons run atleast 12 km every day. Which I cant but the amount of thre food intake is more. Reduse the amount of food and beverages. Any way What differance does it makes they Army uses joy stick to fight drones etc.


Grant Turner 29.10.2013 13:46

[quote name='Malcom Content' time='29.10.2013 13:04']Sounds like the service needs to lower the steroid dosage. Besides accelerating weight gain, steroids also drive people a little bit nuts, and increases suicide.
[/quote ]
None of this, is true.

" ;military’s standards should be reviewed"
T hey really shouldn't. The military is supposed to be the tip of the spear, not welfare for carebears. I think everyone can agree that in this day and age, the military needs people with only the highest of personal standards.


Dimitri 29.10.2013 03:01

Yeah I like Budweiser too :).


Leon the Professional 29.10.2013 01:57

I kind of consider myself a soldier....I'm a swordsman, not an imperialist. I train hard in iaido and kendo, honestly I think the over-emphasis of the U.S. military on how fast their soldiers can run is really stupid...... I think spirit and mental concentration is a lot more relevent....I gotta guy at my dojo who can hop around fast and move his legs fast because he is so light but his weapon stricks look like aerobics. I probably weigh 50% more than him and I can strike faster, harder, and better form than him.

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