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Obama’s former adviser ridicules statement that NSA doesn’t spy on Americans

09.08.2013 14:26

United States President Barack Obama insists his government isn’t in the business of domestic surveillance, but one of his former advisers says that’s contrary to the truth.

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Danny Berry 13.08.2013 16:27

@mickey12gauge: that's not exactly true: the corporations don't have to bid anymore. The military, "intelligence&q uot; and security apparatuses are entirely at the service of the iron fist of corporate capitalism. Game over.


mickey12gauge 12.08.2013 06:01

It's all about money and which corporation can make the highest bid to control the government in my opinion because the people have obviously lost the power that was once held...


mickey12gauge 12.08.2013 05:57

It's all about money and which corporation can make the highest bid to control the government in my opinion.


jack hill 10.08.2013 22:06

During the Bush years the neo cons were praising such actions.


Mutlu Ozer 10.08.2013 18:59

Obama enforces American democracy as usual... American democracy, "you are going to be f..d any way; but you have a freedom to choose your own position to enjoy,,,"
C ome on guys; stop complaining! appreciate your freedom!


Stan Dinsmore 10.08.2013 16:53

Story says Obama is saying something "contrary to the truth". Well, he just wants to show American people he has those values {Lying} that an American President has to have in abundance to do his job. And Obama is basically a continuation of GWB regime. Many US people that voted Obama must be disappointed, but Presidential agenda is decided by Globalists, wall.St.Bankers, Bilderberg NWO , Military/Industrial complex. Seems to me American people need to realize who the so-called American dream is for. Its those I listed in last sentence.


Gern T Blanston 10.08.2013 16:01

Remembert hat the "gov" is a construct of man and is below man. If the gov, in any of its manifestations, expects or is in the process of over riding mans right to freedom, then the man must stand and report to other men. Would you expect a man to be subservient to a mere construct?


Bob Reed 10.08.2013 13:54

@BIG-ONE5 - Did you read the article? The second paragraph says: "Everybody knows I love this president, but this is ridiculous," and "First of all, we do have a domestic spying program…" So yes, Jones did say that the US is spying on its own people.


T H 10.08.2013 13:22

Still waiting for the revolution... if anyone can pause honey boo boo long enough to step outside a few minutes and brush the crusty french fry bits from their overhanging gut and pull their 3X plus sized pants up. I voted that traitorous prick Obama into office and have never felt so ashamed.


joseph walker 10.08.2013 07:09

We all laughing Truth is banned from the western Media and Broadcasting.hence why we get all the garbage news reports.

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