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‘Globesity’: US junk food industry tips global scales

07.09.2013 13:26

From Mexico to Qatar, obesity rates are soaring to unprecedented levels. The alarming trend is damaging economic performance, as well as the health of millions of consumers worldwide.

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Tyrant 10.09.2013 01:58

I saw an interesting movie that made the statement that starvation and obesity are related to poverty; which makes sense.

Many poor American families feed themselves through cheap food that is loaded with an insane amount of calories. Unfortunately the aren't getting the nutrients they need when they consume all that food so they end up getting fat.

I believe this trend is spreading to other nations because the world as a whole is becoming poorer, and people are looking for anything to sate their hunger, even for a little while.


Cory Strohan 09.09.2013 06:39

Um, sequitur, that is. Yeah, that's the ticket.


Cory Strohan 09.09.2013 06:35

Unauthorized Comment 08.09.2013 17:45

This is the ultimate hypocrisy.
If you don't like McDonald's, then don't eat it.
If you don't like Coca-Cola, then don't drink it.

Why should these health food nuts be allowed to control the diets of everyone else?


More striking non suquitur, it seems.

Have to suggest that the word you used there may not mean what you think it means.

The control being exercised by the controlling financial interests is clearly not of the faintest concern in your comment. It might, however, be worth considering the best interests of the unwashed masses, just a bit.


Cory Strohan 09.09.2013 06:21

Baccar Wozat 08.09.2013 23:18

The only junk I see in the article is junk science. BMI is no indicator of anything. Also, everything that was "proven" was using statistics.

When will people realize that others have the right to their own lifestyles, no matter how unhealthy some would deem them?


Stunning example of non sequitur.

P aid shill or unwitting milk cow for the industry?

N o matter, the choice remains yours, no?

My sympathy, however, for any and all affected by the cocaine-like addictive nature of some of the vast quantities of junk being poured down our collective gullet.


Thomas Turk 09.09.2013 02:14

HFCS? Correct. Fatty foods? Wrong, Prof BN of Sidney.

Dig ested carbs first top-up liver & muscle glycogen stores, the rest rapidly converts to bodyfat in the cells' mitochondria via the Krebs cycle. Fructose is converted directly to bodyfat in the liver, digested fats are slowly converted to useable energy compounds in the liver.

To market fake statin drugs, fats MUST look BAD, to fatten, & to calcify arteries, which they don't.

3 egg yolks daily normalise LDL; cream & butter synthesise vit B6 in the gut, B6 reduces artery-clogging homocysteine; animal fats are high in omega3, CLA, LCFA etc)


Baccar Wozat 08.09.2013 23:18

The only junk I see in the article is junk science. BMI is no indicator of anything. Also, everything that was "proven" was using statistics.

When will people realize that others have the right to their own lifestyles, no matter how unhealthy some would deem them?


Courtney de Childerhus 08.09.2013 12:16

You know, it absolutely astounds me that all of the folks posting here blame America as a whole, which includes all of its peoples. You do realize that this is a corporate scheme to control the large population, right? You do realize that corporations were given sovereignty status, right? So they do all these heinous acts, and this is the result. Remember projects MKUltra, and MKNaomi? Remember our national signoff in the 60s being proven to contain subliminal messages? Don't blame Americans as a people. The VAST majority of this country is unaware, drugged, and mind controlled. What we need is an awareness program.


marcus 08.09.2013 04:34

none of the american soft drink brands in europe contain FCS. They taste better, and don't make you feel sick after you drink them. the world trade organization is a private company and they get to dictate what a nation should do? someone in the mexican government is on the take or they don't have balls. either way, its tragic for citizens of mexico. I think Russia is starting to realise this too. The domestic interference of domestic policy is going to cause Russia to say goodbye to the WTO


Veronika Also Damian 07.09.2013 20:07

Just because we can make unlimited food doesn't mean we need to eat it all.


PJ Butler 07.09.2013 19:57

Trx: I don't eat any of their food, however, these are franchises with their owners are your nationals. It's all about the profit


trx 07.09.2013 18:36

So now America is trying to export and push its McCrap cuisine (i.e., fast food culture) on the rest of the world, destroying local cuisines/restaurants in the process and mutating other nations into morbidly obsese Freedom Fry eaters just like Amuricans. This is almost as bad as America trying to force its Monsanto GMO "Frankenfoods&q uot; on other nations. America exports death wherever it goes--whether death by bombing and wars of aggression or by fatty foods and high fructure corn syrup!


Tom Saltsman 07.09.2013 16:35

What a great article!

I have found that just avoiding all processed foods and sticking with a high-fiber diet of vegetables, fruits, cereals, and herbs with vitamin supplements and water as much as possible, I can rid my body of not just fat but hypertension and diabetes.

I am a short 5' 6". A few years ago, I weighed 190 lbs. I am now at 149 lbs and still going down (my BMI is 29), off my hypertension meds, and radically cutting down on my diabetic medication (chromium picolinate helps with that). I have more enegy and am bicycling everywhere at 61 years of age. Jamba Juice is my only fast food outlet of choice.


Brian James 07.09.2013 16:17

High fructose corn syrup hinders your brains ability to think it's full. It may not be the soda itself causing the obesity. It makes no difference, if it's cane sugar or HFCS. Both are highly addictive substances. HFCS being very cheap at around .20 cents a pound, it's cheaper than sugar and the corn is subsidized by the United States Government. Sugar is the leading causes of diabetes and heart disease. I can't think of a better trojan horse.

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