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US drone pilot demand outstrips supply

21.08.2013 04:06

The US Air Force is now facing a shortage in the number of pilots able to operate the military’s quickly expanding drone fleet, according to a new report published by a top Washington, DC, think tank.

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Brandon Bowers 06.02.2014 23:29

Enlisted Pilots .... problem solved.


Carlton Robinson 11.11.2013 21:01

I fly a SU27 simulator it takes a while to stick a landing. Fhe runway momentarily dissapears.


Darrell Schmidt 22.08.2013 17:32

The guy who says drones are only good for spying must not know about the hellfire missile some can carry. The Air Force should offer drone pilot jobs to retired military pilots. Since they stay in the U.S. and no longer need to be able to handle g-force they should do a great job. Drones are the cutting edge of our capability to control terrorists.


Frank 21.08.2013 18:02

Shoot'em down with a rifle like Aaron Cross. American people need to take charge and challenge their zionist lapdogs we call politicians on use of these drones.


Brad Mead 21.08.2013 16:27

I wonder what a right ringer will say when one of these flys up his rear end Health care and education are in the pits and we pay billions to fly these toys around. Corruption at its best.


not duped 21.08.2013 14:14

Everyone is responsible for their actions before God - no excuse.


J Fawkes 21.08.2013 13:52

this is a non-story. fully automated drones are a short way away.


Leon the Professional 21.08.2013 12:25

Drones are overrated. All they're good for is for spying, they'll eat an S-400 like any other slow flying object.


Dominic Cote 21.08.2013 10:41

Ya I suppose not everyone wants to fly about killing innocents for a paycheck.


Coyote Lane 21.08.2013 08:35

Central banks have been deciding for eons.

Some 'governments' appear 'less of zealots', like China-Russia, but the central bank chain link horror around earth is the people's reality of how it is.

When the memory of humans' collectively reboots the miracle of freedom known intuitively, but held in the bondage of central bank paedophiles for far too long, soon globally we people are to be rid of the vile evil once again.

Chin a and Russia know, but haven't gotten the enlightened energy-verve needed to be the greater leaders in 21C.


trx 21.08.2013 06:09

No worries. Just recruit some pimple-faced American teenager and his X-Box. That should fill your quota for some deskjockey 'Top Guns.' And don't forget to give these brave American heroes their medals when they vaporize some peasant family in Afghanistan or Pakistan!

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