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US military satellites vulnerable in future space war – Space Command chief

09.01.2014 17:05

US military satellites could be disabled or destroyed in the event of a war in space, an American general has said, citing China’s tests of anti-satellite weapons. To protect US space capability, the satellite park should be reformed, he believes.

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gerry7man555 10.08.2014 15:47

Just destroy the GPS satellites and USA will be destroyed.


Sebastian Toma 04.08.2014 15:45

wait wait wait-a-minute! so... nobody's allowed to have this stuff except for the almighty civilized and ueber-hamburger-eati ng junta?


mergon 18.04.2014 10:48

You can see it coming ,Ronnie Ray guns star wars , satellites will be hit with a laser and go on to disintergrate and destroy all the other satellites, all the credit cards will be useless ,and the tills wont work, no GPS,fly by wire, computers or tv
Unless you invested in a Google drone glider package or other low orbit signal relay system , and who developed the laser cannons and laser satellites ? our good ole violent friends across the sea in America did
You people will go on to destroy the world !


Casper Remy Jenkins 22.02.2014 13:17

We in space now.


Matti Aladin 10.01.2014 12:29

it would be extremely dangerous to our rocket type space crafts and it would break all satellites in pieces in a few years if about 100 would have been knock to pieces either using missile or laser. that kind of war must be banned!


Miroslav 10.01.2014 01:42

What hypocrites! They object to any other nation doing what they are and were doing in space, and yet refusing to participate in any fair agreement in how to manage Earth space. What they call their "freedom" is in fact their ability to subjugate others.
They fear that others' "nefarious actions in space" will stop the US' nefarious actions on the ground.


Bru Raczin 10.01.2014 01:36

What ever happened to the late great President RayGuns "Star Wars" Initiative?


StepStone 09.01.2014 23:45

The USA is the one who are motivating to build nuclear weapons and space programs/war. They like the rest of the world to be happy when they built/have advanced technology weapons and military space programs. When the other nations follow their footstep then they consider as an aggressive step.

They do not like to listen but they like the rest of the world listen to them. Is it democracy or hypocrisy?


j.innes 09.01.2014 21:07

And these people make fun of the alarmist tin-foil hat brigade. So how much is this existential threat going to cost us? How many hungry American and Chinese kids is that? Okay....


Aydein Arabshahi 09.01.2014 21:04

This is excuse to weaponize space and those Ar e by 4 asteroid its to kill us (humanity)


MrKnow 09.01.2014 20:28

"Even China’s successful landing of a robot rover on the moon in December is a proof of the country’s “aggressive” space program"

Haha says the biggest war mongers on the planet. Most satellites designed for war in space are put there by the USA, trouble is other nations under threat by the US are starting to protect themselves. China has the money and knowledge to deal with this and they know its only a matter of time before the US attacks them. I wouldn't blame the Chinese for designing such systems.


Jimmy Crackcorn 09.01.2014 20:18

"However, Washington is keen to “constantly work to maintain” its “freedom of navigation and freedom of maneuver” in space, Shelton stressed."
As usual, the US feels no one else is entitled to those same freedoms, but instead should stand down and play by rules of which they are not a party to. How long do they think this type of nonsense will continue? I think it's clear that the hundreds of US military bases around the globe have become redundant with the developing level of technology. The US hegemony is fast approaching the end of its term and the world will be better for it.


GazPumped 09.01.2014 18:51

Why are the USA ALWAYS looking for conflict ...


BernardV 09.01.2014 18:36

"At the same time, the American general said joining the international space code of conduct put forth by the European Union and promoted by Russia and China would “unnecessarily constrain” the US operations in space. "

So the rest of the world wants peace in space. It's only the US that doesn't seem to want to join the discussions......... ..Well, what a surprise.


Mike Littlefield 09.01.2014 18:35

Space Command? Sounds like they need to pull Dr. EJ Parsifoot back from retirement, along with the robots Peepo and W1K1. This might even require the young talent from Space Academy to help defeat the evil Dragos.


Diez Sanchez 09.01.2014 18:14

So for trillions we created a system that can help you win any battle by placing satellites in space! Down side is ,we did not equip the satellites with an early warning system in case someone shot at them! That folk takes even more than d original trillion you paid! Even then its just a system that says "Warning Warning, your screwed, GAUCHO BAD!aagh It don't matter, Cuz the way mankind is going(trying to militarize & weoponize everything), it won't be long till we are not even matter! Ha!

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