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Not a ‘slam dunk’: US intelligence can’t prove Assad used chemical weapons

29.08.2013 14:19

Only days after the White House suggested it was all but certain Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons to gas hundreds of civilians, United States intelligence officials briefed on the situation say the evidence isn’t all there.

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charlie 19.09.2013 22:04

Well what is happing here the next door neighbour of Syria has tons off the stuff and what does the world say sweet nothing so who runs the USA the Israel cov--- of course


Connor Gibson 05.09.2013 11:50

Some people need to wake up and realize what he's doing?

Saying Assad used chemicals weapons on his own people. Obama can't get evidence it was him and now says he's destroyed it. Acting like kids man!


George Mercado 04.09.2013 02:42

120,000 Syrians killed by AK47, RPG, and Mortars, and Obama doesn't say boo. 900 killed by gas and now its on! I thought dead meant dead!


muthu 01.09.2013 10:42

Let UN take major role and examine. If Syria president is not co-operating with UN officials, then US can think of other options. Unless the attack / use of chemical weapon / intentional use / accidental use / any others involvement are explored & proved. Simply taking decision to attack Syria , I don't think is meeningful.


cra 31.08.2013 16:04

Per Mint Press online, the Syrian event was the result of mishandling of chemical weapons by US ally the Syrian "rebels" , provided by US ally Saudi Arabia. The "intelligence&q uot; provided as proof by SOS Kerry that the US has monitored Syrian missle launches an strike sites completely misses the accidental event described. Moreover it points to inept intelligence,foreign policy judgement and media inquisitiveness. The admission by the administration of their catastrophic rush to false judgement and action is damning, and something they are very likely to keep covered up, preferring minimal action instead.


Sidd Shas 31.08.2013 15:42

I am no fan of Assad but USA is always threatening world peace and this is no more acceptable by rest of the world with exception of very few.
Kerry's speech yesterday was as empty and hollow as coffers of Federal Reserve..


Sidd Shas 31.08.2013 15:36

America is badly wounded by recent leaks from Bradley manning & now from Snowden, defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan has hurt them badly moreover Their true motive has come to public view.
America in my view a poor country now with and they cannot deal with this. So they are dangerous and may become cause of 3rd world war.


Mario Gomez Gomez 31.08.2013 15:33

John Kerry is lying<


fsw 31.08.2013 15:14

Why will Assad use chemical weapons when the UN was coming. It's sad that the US think the world will buy that. It's like telling an adult that the tooth fairy is for real.


kiwiwatcher 31.08.2013 01:29

Kerry has to stop wearing lip stick

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