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Obama reportedly considering 2-day strike on Syria

27.08.2013 14:33

White House officials say the United States may launch a limited military strike on Syria as early as this Thursday as the intelligence community prepares to release a report justifying action and allies are rallied.

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hujunye123 05.09.2013 09:21

For oil sake,they fight.If now one nation claims that it can fully use solar energy as the main energy,will America stop wars and fight for the sun.


hujunye123 05.09.2013 09:15

Hi,guys,bear one thing in mind,terrorists are made by America itself,now America has to destroy something it made,What a bloody fool.


Ralph Osbon 05.09.2013 01:13

Obama does not have the legal authority to attack Syria under the U.N. treaty ... If he does then he is acting like a criminal and should be charged as such.


Anthony David 30.08.2013 17:30

Obama is the Anti-Christ. If one studies the works of Nostradamus. You will find Obama's name meets the requirements. Obama's Skin colour meets the requirements. Obama's ride his limo the Beast meets the requirements. As it lands in the countries where he will tour before his arrival.

Um . So. Ya. He is gonna get smacked by the clouds and so will alot of other parties, people, groups, beliefs and more.

Its ok though i highly doubt total annihilation will happen. As no one is to blame in this time frame because we are the continuation and progress of past decisions an emotions that have become our ideas and ways.


Sanjit Moon 30.08.2013 16:15

I think Obama have to strike on syria to prevent civilians.There is only one country USA to prevent world from terriorist.


Vishwajeet Mehandia 30.08.2013 03:46

And he was given Nobel Peace Price. This is an insult to common sense of all the people on this planet.

He should be stripped off his prize and punish for his crimes against humanity.


George Kafantaris 30.08.2013 00:54

“The lawyer’s role is to tell the policy makers what the law is and what the consequences of particular action might be as a matter of law,” says Professor David Kaye.
“It’s not for the lawyers to say, ‘Is this right? Is it moral? Is it wise?’”
“That’s policy, and that’s the president’s call.”


▼ϵinss 29.08.2013 19:45

a US attack on Syria should be met with war declarations against the US from all sovereign countries left on the planet


Elia Daibes 29.08.2013 19:10

At last let US put end for what happening in syria


Vercs 29.08.2013 12:46

It has come a time to attack Israel with lots of nukes Topol-M or similar.

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