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US renews global terrorism alert for American citizens

26.09.2013 07:05

The US state department, citing “credible information” regarding potential "terrorist actions and violence" against US citizens and US interests, has sounded the alarm for its countrymen worldwide just days after a deadly attack in Kenya.

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SirGalahad 09.10.2013 23:04

The United Terrorist States of America

Kee p the people scared

How about a War or Hypocrisy instead of a War on Terror


Carlos Gomez 01.10.2013 04:54

thanks David for pointing out the obvious. Next, they will orchestrate a fierce battle they are waging with the terrorist which will be them masquerading as the terrorist ! Just to prove how vital their function is. Please I hope regular people don't fall for this action. At least now we know why they were so interested in Hollywood going to D.C. to show them how they make the movie look so real.


Mike Littlefield 28.09.2013 04:47

Support for the NSA spying program is fading, so we need to generate some fear to get the numbers back up. Controlling people through fear - isn't that how a church does it? And they say there is a separation between Church and State in the us. It's been hard to tell the difference lately.


Lisko 27.09.2013 20:36

Lisko 27.09.2013 20:32

US reckless foreign policy is largely responsible for much of that. How we are treated abroad has also to do with how we carry ourselves. I've never had a problem and have traveled the world for over 40 years. Lucky I guess.


That was in response to stan2013's comment. Hit the wrong quote button.


Lisko 27.09.2013 20:32

Raul Rios 27.09.2013 18:49

This is no good people


US reckless foreign policy is largely responsible for much of that. How we are treated abroad has also to do with how we carry ourselves. I've never had a problem and have traveled the world for over 40 years. Lucky I guess.


Mohamed Al Hashimi 27.09.2013 19:29

It looks like American stole some military technology and they are looking to use these techniques in some countries before they start with superpower like Russia and China as they are checking their reaction.


FreedomFighter 27.09.2013 19:28

A false flag terrorist attack is becoming more of a reality. The world elite can't go to war with Iran because their only ammo to scare the american people was the last Iranian president. A revolution in Iran is unlikley and would be unsuccessful. There is more evidence that the rebels used chemical weapons than the government and the rebels are failing to beat thier government. The only way the start WW3 is a false flag terrorist attack just as big or even bigger than 9/11


Raul Rios 27.09.2013 18:49

This is no good people


Lisko 27.09.2013 14:57

THE MIX THE MIX 26.09.2013 17:11

....Live life and fear nothing except your govt. Question them always.


Americans are not at all afraid of terrorists. It just pisses us off that our gov't creates foreign animosity putting us in any danger. It pisses us off that they use these threats for their own purposes. It also pisses us off that this is then used to take more of our freedoms. Yes, you are right. Our gov't is the one to fear. They drove that point home. We are watching and hate what we see.


John P Randles 27.09.2013 08:38

Another false flag attack coming right up!


Janeen Calaway 27.09.2013 07:01

I would like to know why Facebook seems to delete your posts. I have tried to share this one and many others just to have them seemingly disappear from my home page when Facebook suddenly adds a dozen or more new posts, some seconds old others posted several hours ago. Please repost this report.


Muhsin Ali 27.09.2013 06:47

Hmm.. Another job assigned to Al-CIAda.


hawaiiguy 27.09.2013 00:51

Looking at the picture above it should read, NYPD "count on terrorism unit" The establishment seems very game at unleashing there CIA/NSA patsies on citizens and passing them off as muslim terrorists. The good thing is many more Americans are on to their game! Good job of keeping us apprised RT.


paul flood 26.09.2013 23:48

Quick all you sleeple the government has organised the CIA to blow some shite up. Just remember to stay indoors and off the streets afterwoods so they can cover their tracks .Remember it was the US government who said they need a large catastrophy to proceed with their hidden agenda.


groingo 26.09.2013 23:03

Pretty demented Government the US is when they harass the world and are shocked when someone gets a little ticked as if they had done no wrong.
The US gets everything it deserves, ain't payback a Bi---?


Commander 26.09.2013 20:29

This alert serves several purposes. First, it causes the people to think the government actually cares for them. Secondly, it keeps society in a state of fear. Thirdly, this alert further demonized Muslims. Fourth, it takes the attention off Washington's foolish foreign policies. Fifth, this alert takes the spotlight off the reasonable and peaceful proposals of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.


Adnan Nassrallah 26.09.2013 19:42

They are the FAA(free American Army) they aren't terrorist and the world should support their fight for their freedom and Democracy from Washington dictator. What is the different between them and what you call the FSR(the free Syrian Army)

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