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US to be $20 trillion in debt by 2016

24.08.2012 21:11

The US Senate Budget Committee says that the federal debt could hit $16.2 trillion after another term under President Barack Obama, but others aren’t even that optimistic. The Congressional Budget Office says a disaster could be much more imminent.

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Roger Wilco 10.11.2013 17:29

It will be $20 trillion in debt by the end of 2014. It is exponential, and america is already bankrupt. They refuse to do anything about it, except keep kicking the can down the road. Watch and learn, kids. A country based on debt, spending, credit, and an unbacked dollar is about to get a serious wakeup call. Next?

Anonymous user 11.05.2013 07:27

US pro-Israel policy is very expensive if including all of the bribes, pay-offs, subsidies, Iraq war


amjad ali 10.05.2013 09:55

thes collapse is not because america created al-qaeda to fight against soviet union in afghanistan.
the end of america is because of funding jewish terrorism who murdered jesus, envading Muslim countries murdering its innocent citizens now its time for america to pay for its cults it won't be settled even if america sold itself

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