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Thousands of US troops deploying to Israel

05.01.2012 19:00

Without much media attention, thousands of American troops are being deployed to Israel, and Iranian officials believe that this is the latest and most blatant warning that the US will soon be attacking Tehran.

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Paul V Reynolds 26.07.2014 16:06

look its about time we stop standing down all the time . no more talk time for Biz we are willing to die to if that is what it takes for all the threats to stop.


Jeremiah Green 10.05.2014 22:16

Doesn't it look like Magog, which is I mean North America, i say this respectfully, is about to try to finish its war

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 19:49

Plan for the future and choose your allies carefully.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 19:49

This isnt about tomorrow, its about 500 years from tomorrow.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 19:48

US and its allies will be the last one standing in this world. Side with us or disappear.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 19:45

The world has never and will never be at peace. We are in a struggle to survive the longest.


a sanchez 12.05.2013 09:53

Everyone is so black and white.
gash ... take a step back and look at what is happening.
The Middle East = oil wars.

We are in a cold war with China.
how long will it last = unknown?
right now it is all about sphere of influence
by weakening the middle east The US, Israel and NATO will make sure to undermine its enemies and allies of its enemies aka rising powers (BRICS).

Once the middle East is broken up they will head to the African continent who holds trillions of mineral rights and more wars will be fought for access to those resources.

after all ... our species are animals and we r simply competing.


a sanchez 12.05.2013 09:47

Oh. gash I have offended people,
here, this is for you haters out there,
feel better.

America's fatal mistake:
thinkin g that problems can be solved at the end of a gun.


a sanchez 12.05.2013 09:46

America is not interested in religions acts because of progress and evolution into a future.
Israel is a simple tool for leverage into the Middle East.
Humanity will not be guided by religious ideals, and the west will make sure of that.

meanw hile

Israel just wants to make good use of US military before the US economy collapses.

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