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Muslims suing FBI for spying on worshipers

03.03.2011 21:49

Muslims in southern California claimed they have been unfairly targeted because of their religion. Now they are taking on the FBI with a new lawsuit, which they hope exposes violations of the US Constitution.

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Ade Chapman 17.09.2013 22:01

Arw the age of electronica my papa always said will start the biggest war in civilisation! Can see a big waste of money- Long energy consuming civil battles-National services is a way of routing those who are loyal to the realm of defense. Yet peace is a solution academically- . Peace to humanity.


Eteobong Inwek 17.09.2013 18:19

when they migrate into your country, they refuse to respect the law of the land. They protest violently, they fight and they struggle. they will never rest untill you are forced to bend the law to suit them. Then your country will never know peace anymore.

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