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US intel report stops short of confirming Assad is responsible for chemical attack

30.08.2013 16:33

United States Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday that the US intelligence community has concluded that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for killing more than 1,000 people with chemical gas last week near Damascus.

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Ajay Bihani 28.12.2013 09:16

Syria chemical attack has taken life of inocent people


FreedomFighter 01.09.2013 18:14

I have a Creepy feeling if Obama can't get Approval to attack Syria a False Flag terrorist attack will justify it. Just like Bush couldn't get approval to go to war with Iraq until 9/11 happened


Jay Bird 31.08.2013 17:38

This is about the USA needing a distraction from the upcoming U.S. Dollar collapse. Americans are too stupid to care. they care more about watching MTV than about what their Govt is doing. Obama will bomb Syria, and the world will let him.


MonsantoGoingDown 31.08.2013 17:36

Of course... US intel also said there were weapons of mass destruction. Anybody found those yet? I love the speech Bush gave, when he was looking for them behind the podium... under the chair... "No, not down there..."


Salvatore Vitale 31.08.2013 16:58

This isn't about Syria it's about Iran. it's perfect , when Syria is attacked Iran has said it will retaliate. what better excuse can you ask for to destroy Iran's nucler ambition's.


cra 31.08.2013 16:18

Per Mint Press online, the Syrian event was the result of mishandling of chemical weapons by US ally the Syrian "rebels" , provided by US ally Saudi Arabia. The "intelligence-p roof" by SOS Kerry that the US has monitored Syrian missle launches and strike sites completely misses the accidental event described. Moreover it points to inept intelligence, use of intelligence, foreign policy, and mainsteam media inquisitiveness. The admission by the administration of their catastrophic rush to false judgement and action is damning, and something they are very likely to keep covered up, preferring minimal action instead.


Salvatore Vitale 31.08.2013 15:54

Go kerry if you can't dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bull shiP. you keep trying to polish that thing that float's in the toilet


David Clark 31.08.2013 13:53

Wonder if the world is morally obligated to protect American citizens from their own government.


Arrow Time 31.08.2013 11:03

In the Last 6 months UN Investigators have concluded that “Western Back Terrorist” are responsible for two chemical attacks on the Syrian People. In May 2013, rebels possessing 2 kg of sarin gas were arrested in Turkey.trying to smuggle the nerve gas from Libya to Syria where they planned to use the gas on Syrian Nationals.
Where do they get those gases and who is just supporting or delivering those kind of gases to the rebels?


JB 31.08.2013 09:36

US economy is WAR ECONOMY.
US military budget is enormous.
Everit hing is "how our money (from tax) become MY MONEY (profit), and MY DEBTH become our debth.
US politics is driven by profitters from "war economy".


Angel Wynton 31.08.2013 09:08

Kerry is lying the red cross dochters without borders told the people there where 355 people including children killed, and because of all the lies nobody will start against Syria a War. Also because of the danger that Syria, give there payback to Israel with missile's.
Or wurse? Those media lies has to stop from the white house. By the way it seems Obama wants Israel wiped out from the earth cause why attacking without no proof?


William Martin 31.08.2013 07:42

I like many have posted on youTube who was behind these chemical attacks. their admitting to them and complete with videos that link back to the US Mayor in New York as well as Senator John McQaeda McCain.

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