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US Air Force nuke commander fired after drunken Moscow binge

20.12.2013 01:08

The US Air Force has published its investigation into a general who was fired months after a disastrous trip abroad, most of which he was found to have spent drunk and upset while in the arms of two foreign women considered by some to be a security risk.

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yuri_nahl 09.03.2014 00:25

This could be a case of two American-"fake- hot-women" pretending to be Russian "hot women" in a "false-flag-hot -woman-test" to see if the general was "hot-woman-proo f" and he may have passed the test. But if he passed the test, would that mean he was not attracted to women? In which case, the testing agency for "hot temptations" may have tried a "hot-man-test&q uot; which the general did not pass, and was afraid some photos of himself starring in questionable poses might appear on the Internet, courtesy of an associate whom the general stabbed in the back years ago, and was just waiting for an opportunity to pay him back.


RockyRacoon 11.02.2014 22:05

What irritates me most about NSA is what a freaking waste of money it is-everything on the shelf today is redundant in 6 months and the equipment NSA uses is no different. Snowden's aside there isn't a program in the world that cannot be hacked. We in the West have really let ourselves down they type of society and culture we could have if just 25% of the military budget was targeted towards social and culture endeavor's rather than the culture of beyond the comprehension of most who have Never gotten beyond daily struggle just to survive in a society based naked market relations.


Mark Dougan 23.12.2013 12:38

The story says, "While in Russia, Carey 'acted in a manner that exceeded the limits of accepted standards of good conduct...'"

No kidding. He went to La Cantina? What a dump. A message to Major General Carey - if you want really hot women, take your drinking to La Barge or the Kalina Bar. That way, you will be in acceptable standards.


Ed Camilo 23.12.2013 09:35

Once you drink with the enemy you can no longer be trusted!


Tyrant 21.12.2013 23:21

Never anticipated this kind of "fallout" did you, General?


tommy27 21.12.2013 22:36

General Carey’s trip was meant to be a nuclear security exercise. Just think of all the money that could be saved if there were no unnecessary trips by these numbskulls in the US military. These nuclear security exercises to Russia could definately be eliminated. There are a lot of Airman last classes that would be much better Generals, but the US military is set up to promote these people and the waste and inefficiency that accompany them.


Wilson Boozer 21.12.2013 14:19

Wow, am I ever sorry I didn't stay in the service! But half a dozen 8-ounce shots of pure booze would have left me lying on the floor facedown in my own stomach contents, of no use to any lady. That goes far beyond, "exceeding the limits of accepted standards of good conduct."


Seb Hoffman 21.12.2013 11:05

Heh, he was putting Russia and WOMEN at risk! What the heck does that mean...


Tadeusz Kościuszko 21.12.2013 03:51

Who is perfect? I ask how can anyone believe that the powers at be, would over look this mans entire positive accomplishments. FOR what this article states it is B.S.


Mark Smith 21.12.2013 03:29

This sounds like another purge in the modern USSA.
This sounds like a pathetic, corrupt smear job of the lowest order. The man had a drink, danced with beautiful women, wow! That really is scary!
The US govt owes this general an apology.
I never thought I would see my own govt go after its own citizens with such a vengeance.


Ned Carbine 21.12.2013 00:08

Whoever is moderating this comment section needs to wake up and eliminate the "make money on your computer" ads. Or maybe there's a payoff for this?


Ned Carbine 21.12.2013 00:07

This is BS propaganda. He was fired because he refused to be complicit in the false-flag nuking of Charlston, NC.
And even if he did all of this, so did General Patton and they're both heroes in my book.


Robert Olson 20.12.2013 21:08

probably druged... but still why was he drinking.. They should ban alcohal arcoss the board in the military.. if your life sucks that much your already alost cause.. I need to drink because i'm STUPID and cdon't know how to pass the time..

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