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US Air Force nuke commander fired after drunken Moscow binge

20.12.2013 01:08

The US Air Force has published its investigation into a general who was fired months after a disastrous trip abroad, most of which he was found to have spent drunk and upset while in the arms of two foreign women considered by some to be a security risk.

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Jason Bedard 20.12.2013 12:38

I remember many a fun night during my drinking years. Especially the nights when the Smirnoff and Baltika girls would come out and get everyone smashed.


Diez Sanchez 20.12.2013 12:32

We had a psychotic who thought was CIA running d EPA, & now this guy! A obnoxious drunk general in charge of nukes who likes chasing tail! Lol this is the USA's cowboy leadership, yet d media is fixed on 1 black president & his inability to lead(imply his race impairs him),women getting abortions , illegals stealing benefits,& gay marriage!(these folk r more danger) The USA is so far off the reservation! The people should wake up, especially, When your kids start shooting up schools(mainly Anglo males)! Get checked in for psychiatric help before d whole experiment goes mushroom cloud! Srill think north Korea is bad?


suricaten 20.12.2013 10:20

In this case it just do not feel very safe when it comes to a man that was resposible for overseeing any nuclear or other WMD's, It is understandable that he lost his job, typical foreigners, US in this case, to think, no don't think when they are in another country, and believe that no one regognise them!


Esteban P. 20.12.2013 09:49

About wishful thinking: wouldn't it get great if the USSA continued in this venue with the rapist and murders stationed in Afghanistan and Irak... and their mercenaries in Syria.
(as if)


Esteban P. 20.12.2013 09:47

First of all, when talking about rape and abuse let's remember that all major powers have done it: in WWII Germans, Anglos, Russians, Japanese troops raped. True, some had higher incidences... just ask the Polish, Germans , Chinese and Korean women...

Se condly, although 99% of Nato foreign policy/interventions is deplorable we must admit that this articles shows (finally) a decent act and one worthy of military forces. I do not remember reading in the last years of any other country who sacked a high ranking officer for such disgraceful and risky behavior (of which there are plenty if you know where to ask).


DD 20.12.2013 09:00

Generals get fired for showing some human attitides, but not for the numerous ''accidental'' bombings of innocent civilians.


P S Ramakrishna 20.12.2013 08:20

What to expect from Americans, arrogant boors!


J. LaFleur 20.12.2013 07:34

Proud_Atheist 20.12.2013 04:15

And raping Japanese women. Everywhere they go, disaster follows.


.. ... OK. Let's also forget ALL the other nations whose troops have raped, pillaged, and robbed, as if America is the worst country in the world.


Behnam 20.12.2013 05:54

[quote name='Carey G. Butler' time='20.12.2013 04:44']I'm skeptical....[/quote ]
I agree. But lets give credit to our system (USA) that uses scandal to get ride of unwanted people in position of power. In other countries these people have “heart attack” with over dose of drugs. I am even suspicious about Nixon's or Vincent Foster's death.

On the other hand as the song says “One night in Bangkok make hard man tumble...” that is with so many beautiful women around you any red blooded man tumble. It is more desirable than a heart attack.


Carey G. Butler 20.12.2013 04:44

I'm skeptical. They may have wanted replace him with someone more willing to follow orders.

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