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GMO crops may cause major environmental risks, USDA admits

24.02.2014 18:59

A new report published by the United States Department of Agriculture demonstrates that the vast majority of corn and soybean crops grown in America are genetically-engineered variants made to withstand certain conditions and chemicals.

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Dave Corban 31.07.2014 00:06

"“Because glyphosate is significantly less toxic and less persistent than traditional herbicides,” a portion of the report reads, “… USDA

USDA are LIARS... Roundup has significant levels of DIOXINS that accumulate & are persistent for decades, maybe hundreds of years.

They are probably referring to the 'active ingredient' which APPARENTLY breaks down in the environment.

Also the 'spreader-sticker' that is part of the formulation, is very toxic & accumulative in the Environment.

(All this is in the AGRI-CHEMICAL MANUAL FOR USERS that is available in NZ for commercial users of Agri-chemicals)


Matt Meyer 13.05.2014 21:49

maximus zeebra 08.04.2014 08:36

PS. Organic farming does not need any herbacides or pesticides.


Ummmm ... false. Organic farming does not preclude the use of herbicides and pesticides, only the use of specific herbicides and pesticides.


maximus zeebra 08.04.2014 08:36

Dawson Darling 30.03.2014 14:49

The brunt of this reporting is on what "americans think" not on the actual impact (good or bad) of GMOs. Thus the headline is misleading at the least. There seems to be nothing here about whether GMOs actually harm or even help.


Completely irrelevant. If GMO is dangerous or not is not the main point. The main point is that people should decide. Afterall, we are suppose to have democracy.

In most polls and indication it seems most people are against GMOs.

PS. Organic farming does not need any herbacides or pesticides.


Dawson Darling 30.03.2014 14:49

The brunt of this reporting is on what "americans think" not on the actual impact (good or bad) of GMOs. Thus the headline is misleading at the least. There seems to be nothing here about whether GMOs actually harm or even help.


mergon 16.03.2014 09:14

Monsanto produces toxic adertive,s for fish food pellets
for fish farms , chemical sprays for fruit , and vegetables
And of course gm products that are proven to harm humans and cause genetic defects ,and as yet the American government have done nothing to stop this practice of poisoning all of the people on the planet !

America is a place where as long as you are a big corporation and make big money you can do as you like!


Waschlaff Duschmann 27.02.2014 23:58

Well, Mr. Smith, this is neither the Nature nor the Science Magazine, but case in point technology like this should never be in the hands of lobbyists undermining the respective control organizations. Thats an excellent reason for building resentment and the blame is hardly on the more or less accurate media for relaying such information but rather on the corporation responsible for employing such actions in the first place.


Gregory Smith 27.02.2014 04:30

The article uses limited information and pseudo-science to try to scare people.

I tried to post a thoughtful response, but the site won't allow enough words to foster an intelligent and thoughtful conversation!


NutZ 25.02.2014 20:01



Kay 25.02.2014 19:28

Right you are Michael !! (24.02.2014 05:17)


Jahn Dussich 25.02.2014 17:38

Too bad this doesnt mean anything. Monsanto knew this too, but the USDA's boss (President Obama) has already signed the Monsanto Protection Act (look it up!) into law, so even if its PROVEN GMO's are killing people, there's no recourse.


T J 25.02.2014 16:18

The government has gutted regulations so that it's easy to frack or drill for oil without corporations having to worry about being sued for environmental damage. Doctors in Pennsylvania being gagged through the courts from warning their patients about the fracking chemicals in their patients bloodwork.
Now with the gmo's, companies have a green card through congress. If it is acceptable for the to modify the food so we can't eat it, poison the water supply so we can't drink it, what is the long term government plan?


Morningside 25.02.2014 15:00

A interesting story. Take a future gamble, who got the blame. With of course, predictable, the defenseless you.
By wanting cheap, ease, and naturally profiting for makers, thy tried , but failed. Like W.O 1. All done with the best of intentions by the cream of wisdom. The Royals. Church, not far behind. It become boring to swim in sh.t. Clear water is by animals, hunting, hated, and a reason to migrate. Human animals, take the Ukraine, and sh.t like the E.U officials, coming from Belgian and the Netherlands, looking, and found it.


Waschlaff Duschmann 25.02.2014 11:00

Regarding the FDA and the USDA, well Mr. Michael R. Taylor worked for the USDA as Administrator of the Food Safety & Inspection Service. Currently he works again for the FDA as Deputy Commissioner for Foods. Mr. Taylor also worked for Monsanto as a Vice President for Public Policy.

Its a prime example for applied lobbyism and as such a proof for the utter corruption of these departments.


Waschlaff Duschmann 25.02.2014 10:34

"...glyphosate resistance among weed populations in recent years..."

Predictable. Organisms share genetic sequences among species via horizontal gene transfer. In effect we will end up with super resistant weed.


Waschlaff Duschmann 25.02.2014 10:08

"experts say it could have a major, as-yet-uncertain impact on the environment"
A blatant lie.
1) GMO's are made resistant to insecticide
-> ; massive usage of insecticide
2) GMO's are tailored to produce biotoxins
-> endanger species suceptible to those biotoxins (e.g. butterflies, etc)
-> results in changed composition of the plant for a) production of biotoxins and b) the toxins themselves, which leads in turn to a wide change in nutritional worth and not excluding being toxic for human consumption
3) GMO's are organisms and as such tend to reproduce themselves independantly
-& gt; once unleashed there is no going back


tateishi 25.02.2014 09:21

Monsanto and Syngenta (Vitamin A enriched rice by GM), DuPont are major crooks to spreading GM in US,Argentina & Brazil. People in those countries have realized real dangers of GM, and even Argentina has some movements against GM. Monsanto is maker of dioxin containing Agent orange which is still causing deformation, etc. among Vietnamese and US soldiers and their kids. We have to eliminate those criminals. GM does not contribute to solutions to world hunger. West is wasting 40 - 60% of food, if we stop this and make poor countries to plant real crops to eat for local people,world hunger will be solved 100%.


KK Singh 25.02.2014 09:15

Production for profit will have such outcomes.
We must change to production for consumption!


Michael 25.02.2014 05:17

Chris Riley 24.02.2014 22:13

I want to find the guys who run these corporations and shove this food down their throat.


After you search long enough, you will find that the "guys" are not human at all, but demonic aliens from another dimension that hate humanity.

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