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Mentally ill homeless vet 'baked to death' in scorching 100+°F NYC jail cell

19.03.2014 15:47

A mentally ill veteran was “basically baked to death” in his Rikers Island jail cell last month as temperatures reached more than 100 degrees, a New York City official told the Associated Press.

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Michael Wasnik 19.03.2014 19:29

Mike Littlefield 19.03.2014 18:57

How fortunate for Russian 'propagandists' that the us government generates so much fodder for them.


It's not much propaganda when it's true stories. When information becomes twisted that is when propaganda comes into play. However, the United States' political and economic system is deteriorating on the daily, and is easily taken advantage of by those with agendas.

Ru ssia Today exists within countries where the highest press freedom index is 'satisfactory', which is the same as all press from the US.


Mike Littlefield 19.03.2014 18:57

How fortunate for Russian 'propagandists' that the us government generates so much fodder for them.


Jerzy 19.03.2014 18:30

I like American people, they are decent and honest. I hate American government, though, with its propaganda full of hypocrisy. How about taking care of their own poor, instead of preaching to the world about human rights?


Roc Lan 19.03.2014 18:24

You can fight for the zionist US until you cant anymore, after that you are dumped. In my country I am a hero if I fight for it. So glad Im not them.


Regula 19.03.2014 18:23

Why would an inmate in jail for as little as trespassing be in a cell alone? But surely the staff would have known that he couldn't take care of himself, especially on two drugs, one psychotropic - a sedative - and the other an anti-seizure drug, which can make people very drugged and drowsy feeling.

Al so, the staff would have known that he couldn't differentiate between right and wrong in locations and would have known that he was falsely incarcerated.


T J 19.03.2014 18:17

Megadeth 19.03.2014 17:05

Still trying to figure out how the temp was over 100 degrees in Feb.


A hundred degrees in feb? Wouldn't know it by the seven feet of snow we've had this winter. ..


Psychic Warrior 19.03.2014 17:29

They got rid of an experiment. You know ; anyone that denies these experiments exist. Sily people : On the United States ' s mentally ill population and at risk convicts (including juveniles) I've seen these programs " Store Bought " : Love End ; TRAZADONE offender ; Homeless President (The US GOVT salutes them) : The African Prince (An online phishing scam) : Russian Millionare : Chester: Freemason Academy : Psychic Warrior : Starship Captain : Astronauts Candidate : Admirals Academy : Super Soldier. AND See Eye Ayyy...Agent...And. Homeland Security. I'm queesy. Have a nice day RIP Murdough!


Peter Jennings 19.03.2014 17:02

Join up, serve your country and die like a dog in a cage after trying to find somewhere to sleep. Obviously taking the brainwashing and fighting for your country means nothing.

Be ing nice & quiet doesn't get you anywhere these days


Joe Brennan 19.03.2014 16:21

Love the part of the comment that says "four unnamed city officials, 56-year-old James Murdough reportedly did not open a vent in his cell that would’ve allowed for cool air to flow in and lower the temperature" They are effectively trying to blame a mentally ill man for their incompetence.
Th ey should all be brought to book,Including the guards incharge of his welfare.


Ahmed Nafe 19.03.2014 16:15

I thought he died of smoking weed, I was like WTF HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. It is not possible, you know?

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