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Drones, horns, injuries: UAV tumbles into Virginia bull run crowd

26.08.2013 11:43

Virginia’s first “Great Bull Run” attracted thousands of spectators – but as they were watching out for horns and hooves, a strike came from the skies, as a drone capturing aerial images dropped on the crowds below, injuring at least four.

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Alison M 28.08.2013 13:29

Thanks for mentioning Georgia Animal Rights and Protection's petition in your article. The petition can be found on GARP's Facebook page.


computerenigma 27.08.2013 08:10

mean that soon enough any mentally retarded kid can buy a drone

Anyon e can buy a quadcopter, they are freely available, they are simply a development of RC aircraft that have been around for decades. Stop scaremongering and do some research on battery life and signal range.


RayOne 26.08.2013 17:44

Toni Lehto 26.08.2013 17:16

4 people injured in one day, and this is headline news? Get with it RT, that's like an average day in a Khrushcheba.


It was not meant to be news, but a reality distraction.
The MSM, just wants an invitation to Christmas dinner at the White House.

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