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Congress members among hundreds arrested in immigration rally at US Capitol

08.10.2013 20:51

Despite the government shutdown, thousands rallied on the National Mall Tuesday to urge a thus far reluctant Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

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Norman London 19.10.2013 15:49

Those criminal Democrat Congressmen should be deported for a start,along with the other 20 million illegals.


James Bowen 10.10.2013 07:11

We must do whatever it takes to stop this sellout of our nation and repel this invasion.


anonymous anon 10.10.2013 02:07

Some idiot here don't have a slightest bit of idea what illegal is, claiming freedom & American exceptionalism forgetting that their forefathers a came here as barbaric word meaning or term used in 15 & 16 century not a roman or greek to humiliate the natives & black slaves! So if you read history nothing has changed & the same ignorant American will fall becuz his stupidity &lack of ededucation! He he they believe a bunch of slave owners opium traders who made their fortunes off the misery of degrading & humiliating certain races gave them right's via a peace of paper constitution lols suckers!


Jay Brooks 09.10.2013 17:41

The only people who care about what the Illegals want are those who have something to gain by keeping them here. It's really sad that they don't seem to care enough about actual citizens to take a stand for us. Truly Democrat logic! Put the screws to those who did things the right way, bend over backwards to help those that didn't!


Jay Brooks 09.10.2013 17:36

Arent these the same people who are blasting Congress about the shutdown over Obama Care crying "It's the law?"
Well, there is a reason these people are known as ILLEGAL aliens! It's the law in this nation. If you are going to pardon all of these people who broke the law, first, you need to let all the convicted felons out of prison. They need to be pardoned as well, unless you hold a double standard as to punishment. second, you need to consider repealing ObamaCare, as it is unpopular and unwanted by US citizens, you know, the people paying you!


Ken 09.10.2013 17:08

Shoot every last darmed one of 'em, send their families the bill for the bullet. That's my opinion.


Alexis Alexander 09.10.2013 16:57

If one law can be ignored, why not all laws. This is a great example of laws not meaning anything. Way to go government idiots.


Robert Olson 09.10.2013 16:21

They can have unlimited breeding rights while you can't because you pay for what you have..


Robert Olson 09.10.2013 16:19

The USA population double sense 1960. 80% is central and south American. So why are we paying them for them over breeding. Don't feed the wildlife. You'll destroy your ecosystem.. How many billions are spent a year on illegals..


Robert Olson 09.10.2013 16:15

How hard is it to apply for citizenship? They don't look poor.. So what gives?

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