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White House denounces Amash amendment as dismantling of NSA

24.07.2013 14:40

On the eve of a congressional discussion that may lend to ending the National Security Agency’s mass collection of domestic phone records, the White House made the rare move late Tuesday of issuing a statement condemning proposed legislation.

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Anonymous user 29.07.2013 04:03

Justin Amash is an emerging leader for Liberty and Constitutional Rockstar...

Anonymous user 28.07.2013 08:49

Did USG know abt Boston? Yep. Did surveillance help? Nope. Dismantle it. It's being used on us.

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 15:55

These guys would be unable to make any money if they could not spy on everybody and steal ideas.

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 09:05

Why can't NSA just spy on the petrodollar-hating EU? Those savages don't deserve sovernty.

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 03:01

Capitalism gone wrong...Russia has to take in our persecuted now....Snowden is a hero

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 02:20

Cuban airliner blown up and the Cia backed terrorist given asylum in US..go figure

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 02:15

Like a small tumour, sucking the big dumb uncle Sammy dry, and there is more to suck out

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 02:15

Israel is the biggest liability to hit the US, and it is sticky, very sticky, it will not go away

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 02:14

Keeping the american people in check, safeguards the steady flow of Money and arms to Israel

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 01:59

Poor USA, losing it's hegemony

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 01:07

Snowden - to USA for trial, and strict imprisonment with possibility of capital punishment.


Daniel Qualkinbush 25.07.2013 01:02

If our representatives are unable to dismantle the illegal spying apparatus of the NSA, We the People might just have to assume this job ourselves!

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 00:59

US citizens must prepare a suit against Snowden for breach of official trust, and aiding the enemy.

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 00:59

Snowden is a Fake, we know it, but he will not be released, he can do enough damage as a fake

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 00:59

Snowden is not legally a 'whistleblower', a rights activist or a dissident; he is a criminal.

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