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White House says Obama can’t force FCC to fix net neutrality

19.02.2014 16:32

The White House said this week that while the president favors a free and open internet, he cannot ask the Federal Communications Commission to reclassify broadband service in a way that would let the FCC regulate how content is delivered to customers.

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Carl 18.05.2014 20:35

The solution is simple everyone has to cancel their cable contract.


Carl 18.05.2014 20:34

One big disappointment, ripoff and whopper of a lie. He can fire Wheeler and reappoint someone else. He can make an Executive Order to protect Net Neutrality and make the Internet have Common Carrier status.


Carl 18.05.2014 20:34

Another example of Obama's double talk, he knew exactly what was going to happen when he appointed Wheeler.

Th e "President" ; is a traitor to the people. He is shameless and a PIG!!!

It's always what he can't do, he couldn't prosecute HBSC and other banksters because of a loophole, couldn't close Guantanamo, Can't stop torture, can't stop using drones, can't stop stealing private information and metadata collection and espionage, can't stop assignations can't protect whistle blowers, can't follow the rule of law pertaining to not bombing Libya or leaving Ukraine alone, can't fight domestic violence,


Carl 18.05.2014 20:34


can't halt destructive fracking, can't curb the power of GMO's, can't let congress openly negotiate trade treatises and worse of all Omama can't be a hero to labor, African Americans, Native Americans nor the environment.

He is a bumb and how he assassinate children with a straight face is sheer terrorism.


elaine 16.05.2014 16:47

over ride this in the public interest, if we loose internet, we also loose grass roots and the Koch brothers win. I swear I will leave the democratic party and will disavow them all, or I could do like others, 212% MORE people than ever are giving up their american citizenship. 212% up. And this right here is why, it's like constant mental abuse by those who have money/power and their own agenda. President Putin has more Democracy than we do.


elaine 16.05.2014 16:44

Comcast for buying distribution rights? wow, what a racket.. they take something the government developed. Don't buy distribution rights just 'do it' Same with our Air Waves for TV and Phones too, No Payment for what is considered Public Property. 1/2 hour of news a night? They Sell more time to advertisers than they give us in "News" not to mention the propaganda. So here we have our Taxes Raised to pay for the fast lane for all our services, our property taxes raised for our community services, and of course Comcast will raise our prices too.. all for something they technically stole. Pres. Obama could (cont)


elaine 16.05.2014 16:39

One huge issue here I think folks haven't consider'd is,
What happens to our educational systems, hospital system, monitoring systems, emergent care, doctors offices when they need to use the internet, They are going to have to pay for the fast lane... which mean ALL OUR COSTS GO UP, and what about our Schools, Community Offices, regular small business, Everyone Uses the Internet, and it was Developed by "The People" the government right?.. so did we like sell rights to Comcast etc, to distribute our property and charge us exorbitant prices for it? I'm just curious, I don't remember getting a dividend from (cont)


goedelite 24.04.2014 18:46

Obama, the great deceiver, is technically correct. The FCC (Fxxx Citizens' Communications) is an independent agency. The President, a decent President, has the power of his office to call upon Congress to take the issue of net neutrality away from the FCC. It can pass a law guaranteeing all equal access to the net at the same rates. A decent President could do that!


Kofi Yeboah-Agyemang 05.04.2014 17:07

It is sad that the FCC and other regulatory bodies all over the world hide behind powers confer on them by their states to superintend on their inefficiencies that almost always weight in favor of manufacturers of hard ware equipment instead of software developers and innovators.
At the moment the so-called cyber crimes being traced to smaller nations elsewhere outside the US, such as Ghana is rather unfortunate. The underground dealings and the use of those list purported coming from those countries are mostly lying in the US, which controls more than 75 percent of the internet traffic.


John Phillip Holeman 20.02.2014 03:36

Other people make my point by enjoying their cousin's singing and playing more than the radio, or by preferring grandma's email over an over-commercialized news product.


John Phillip Holeman 20.02.2014 03:30

Broadcasters pay to cable cast. And, the internet is no different. Cable was designed to be advertising free, and so was the web. Is it. All you have to do on the web is click on a product to buy it. Why do we need ads? Aren't they a thing of the past now that internet communications are here. Would you like the postman to deliver your email?

Singing is good for church and entertainment, I thought. It was funny to watch advertisers work their way out a their own medium.


Deez Nutts 20.02.2014 02:46

I typed this into my "Bullshit to English Dictionary" and it translated that to the following -
"The FCC says that comcast already paid them for exemptions that make them immune to internet neutrality." The FCC works for the highest bidder, just like the FDA, Congress, and Courts.


Justin T. Shockley 20.02.2014 00:48

Keep the pressure on. Dont let Big Money rig the game. We NEED net neutrality.


goedelite 19.02.2014 23:44

Wheeler is a politician. His words seem encouraging, but we know from Pres. Obama's words that they can be deceiving or outright lies.


Daryl Pullen 19.02.2014 19:51

The President can influence policy, else why the is he there. Just like all recent Presidents his is kissing up to his coprorate owners and reaming the nation for what, bribes, infamy, blackmail ?


John Ramos 19.02.2014 19:05

first-off Lobbying should be made illegal , campaign spending should have a set limit for each position , all campain contributions should be anonymous and/or put into a pool that is dolled out evenly for each position. anyone Appointment by the president to a position should not have ANY conflict of interest from prior work. (I.E. the CEO of GE who is the biggest abuser of tax-loopholes should not be left in charge of closing tax-loopholes) even though they quit there jobs to take the posts there is still a conflict of interest as they will just go back there afterwards with huge bonus's for helping them.


John Ramos 19.02.2014 18:57

that is wrong obama can make that change its just that he wont because like 80% of goverment officials he in the pockets and owes those comanies many "favors" from the money they gave him so he will never go against big business. everything tied to big business obama refuses to intervene on no matter how many US citizens want him to. look at the TPP we nor congress is allowed to View , hear about , nor be allowed to have any say in the treaty, but yet CEO/Directors/Chairm en of Banks , Telecom , Entertainment , Gas/Oil , etc. are allowed to see it and make changes to it. the TPP is Obama's payoff to his butt-buddys


Mike Littlefield 19.02.2014 18:07

obama has never let the rule of law keep him from doing whatever he wants to do. One has to translate can't as won't.

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