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White House releases recommendations for limiting NSA programs

18.12.2013 18:49

A review board established by the White House to investigate the National Security Agency’s controversial surveillance operations believes that the NSA should make drastic changes to its bulk phone data collection program.

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mergon 25.07.2014 09:33

Oh yea mercs international will start to limit it world domination league activities !


ABDELKADER 20.12.2013 16:16

Britons are way ahead and have learned to support spying and keeping the country safe from without and within. In WWII the Cliveden Set and Oswald Mosley were Germanophiles and Nazi sympathisers, Stanley Baldwin, Ramsey MacDonald were traitors, and the British Prime Minister Chamberlain and his government could not be trusted. So they have intelligence agencies accountable only to the people and the Queen. In the U.S. Women and men of innocent goodwill and useful idiots are the greatest danger to the social capitalist fabric of our society.


ABDELKADER 20.12.2013 15:56

The fact that Booz Allen Hamilton and NSA could not prevent a "mole" from pilfering sensitive material from right under their noses goes to show how useless and inefficient the intelligence agencies in the U.S. are. Americans must continue to "spy" to protect themselves from within and without. Politicians should be watched and also those in the Administration and the President himself if need be. Before WWII almost half the U.S. population and government were either pro Nazi or pro Soviet, Joseph Kennedy and Charles Lindbergh were traitors. Intelligence should be in public domain, no judicial nor goverment oversight


Ann 20.12.2013 02:31

derpityderperp 19.12.2013 02:43

derpityderper p 19.12.2013 02:43

Ann 19.12.2013 02:22

I do not believe they will be curtailing any of their mass surveillance. Not when they just finished building a 1.5 billion dollar NSA data center in Utah. Most people do not even know about it. And of course, no one knows where the money came from to build it. These recommendations are just that...recommendatio ns. Nothing will become of them.

What is it's exact location? :DDD


The NSA data center is in Bluffdale, Utah (United States) You can learn more about it on Wikipedia.


Francisco Gonzalez 19.12.2013 10:05

The National Security Agency is the Cyberwarfare Army of the United States of America. As any other Army is accountable by the People of the United States of America. As any Army it can engage warfare operations after an explicit or implicit declaration of war. By his latest actions, the NSA engaged cyberwarfare actions against foreign sovereign country institutions, declaring implicitly a war between those countries and the US of America without the explicit consent of the People of the US of America, represented by Congress and Senate. The commander triggering those actions, whoever, committed treason.


Max21c 19.12.2013 09:44

Phony Reforms! These are just phony reforms proposed by the Washington Regime and its secret police so that they can talk their propaganda game of talking points and phony claims of reform and pretend that they are not abusing power, persecuting and robbing people specifically targeted by the state, using their secret police institutions and powers to engage in political persecution of citizens arbitrarily deemed the enemy by the Regime/state and its secret police, and committing crimes and covering up the crimes of the secret police against innocent civilians selected and targeted by the state security apparatus.


Max21c 19.12.2013 09:43

Phony Reforms! Does not stop the Regime and its secret police from stealing private property, theft of intellectual property and intellectual work or intellectual works, theft of trade & technical & industrial information. Does not stop the theft of private property by the secret police and its fencing or redistribution by the state and its security apparatus. Does not stop the targeting of innocent civilians and citizens by the Washington Regime and its secret police. Does not stop political persecution.


Max21c 19.12.2013 09:43

Phony Reforms! Does not stop the government from coming into private homes and private offices and taking private property, helping themselves to whatever they want to take via physical breaking and entering or using electronic surveillance.


Max21c 19.12.2013 09:42

Phony Reforms! Does not stop the buggings, break-ins, and burglaries by the Washington Regime and its secret police. Does not stop the electronic warfare against civilians, per electronic eavesdropping, wireless surveillance, satellite uplink bugs, keystoke and recording software being slipstreamed or forced onto pc's and phones et cetera.


Teame Zazzu 19.12.2013 07:28

Remember that one does not need to recognize what one does as wrong to be doing something evil. These agency guys very well might be acting out of some misguided sense of self-righteousness, where all their legalistic obfuscations are justified in the end...but that doesn't mean that they aren't dangerous domestic enemies of the Constitution.

NSA - "Protecting your liberties by removing them"


Regula 19.12.2013 07:15

The squid NSA should be dismantled - entirely.


Titus 19.12.2013 06:12

NSA Director Gen Keith Alexander said, “I believe that it is in the nation's best interest to put all the phone records into a lockbox.”
Keit h, the narrative IS NOT WORKING. The nation is we the people and IS NOT in our best interest.
You pledged to protect THE CONSTITUTION from foreign and domestic enemies. You are the domestic enemy.


Peter 19.12.2013 06:08

No LAw?

Edward Snowden now leader of freedom of everything for the world.

Merr y Christchurch C Manning (Bradley), Edward Snowden and suporters and RT


Peter 19.12.2013 06:04

No law?

Snowde n now the leader of the next free world?

Merr y Christman Edward Snowden and C Manning (Bradley) family's and all the supports of them and RT


Larry 19.12.2013 04:49

Naw.... I don't believe Mr. Bait and Switch.
Naw... I don't believe General Alexander, He has been caught lying to Congress and the American People B4. Why would anyone trust B&S or the General? This is all smoke and mirrors, theatrics. The US government wants to enslave us. Listen to infowars and you will underestand


steffen 19.12.2013 04:21

Never trust anything coming out of the US , they have given the word "lying" a whole different meaning. Biggest most despicable liars ever to walk on earth.


Ari Stotle 19.12.2013 03:57

It's about time the people in the US actually manned up, grew a pair of nads & threw their corrupt & criminal government from office!


kermit-frazier 19.12.2013 03:32

Location - Bluffdale Utah

South End of Salt Lake City between Lehi and Kearns

What will you do? Call in a Drone Strike?

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