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White House 'extremely disappointed' with Snowden asylum

01.08.2013 16:46

The White House is re-evaluating whether US President Barack Obama needs to participate in a summit this autumn with Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, after Moscow granted asylum to NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

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John A Randolph 05.08.2013 13:10

Now the Whitehouse knows how we fell about them.


maximus zeebra 05.08.2013 11:59

Wow. I did not realise that so many people had started waking up in the US. I though you were all completely passified and brainwashed by your government and media.

This gives reason for optimism. Some people talk about the American Spring!

You r government is not democratic, it has rotted from the inside. They lie, they manipulate and they pretend it is all democracy. They falsify, they steal, they kill and pretend it is for freedom, but it is not. They imprison you in your own country, dominate you, trap you and surveilance you, to protect you from terrorism, but it does not!

Free people of America, rise up!


Santan Valley 05.08.2013 00:11

The world will be so much better off if our US Muslim Drone Droping Dictator does not have a seat at that table..


Gail Patenaude 04.08.2013 16:47

PAM...I so agree /w U on thoughts expressed. US badly needed this as a reminder ... They're NOT the almighty power of this globe.


Prasanta Kumar Saha 04.08.2013 04:36

What is so harm if USA and RUSSIA cannot go along. USA can go it's way and Russia can go it's way seperately.


Prasanta Kumar Saha 04.08.2013 04:32

Senetor McCain is making strong public wooing coments in Snowden case. I think he is eying to take another shot at Presidentship. In the last bid he lost because public came to know that he abandonned his wife when she lost her beauty in car crash. I hope no other negative information come out from his closet.


Pam Alexander 04.08.2013 01:27

I think Americans believe that by voting in 2014 and 2016, we can elect people who will give America back to the people. It is engrained in Americans to believe that our right to vote is what will win the day for all of us. But...I think this President, government, and NSA have gone far beyond what voting can correct. Voting can't get our freedoms back now that they're most certainly gone. The fox is in the hen use voting on what brand of lock we want on the door now.


Michael O'Brien 03.08.2013 01:42

No they standing up to a bullying country "Good one Russia" .It seems Russia are more open and USA are restricting the peoples rights that's how Stalin took over...ha ha whos communist now


Chad Campbell 03.08.2013 00:12

Reverse Russia and USA in McCain's comments and then imagine Kruschev saying it. This government is now employing KGB tactics that it once railed against.


Rod Lloyd 02.08.2013 18:37

Oh Dear, didnt the White House get the servile trembling response they hoped for by threatening financial and business sanctions against Russia, Russia has news for the over inflated self opinionated white house puppets, Russia can do and IS doing very well without Amerika, that must really upset the Zionist top lot tremendously, Such inflated egoes, from silly little poeple safely threatening from behind thier guilded cages.


Helical 02.08.2013 16:24

"White House 'extremely disappointed' with Snowden asylum".

I think this statements would be said with a lot more vigour, passion and possibly re-phrased in the White House.


Farmboy222 02.08.2013 15:36

"The White House is disappointed" .... more and more the gap between the wishes and aspirations of everyday citizens of America and their political leaders is widening , to the point that there is very little democracy left ... much like Russia , Iran , Syria , etc. etc. .


MEJanssen 02.08.2013 15:22

What a show. Russia does not have to do anything but let events take their course. Meanwhile Obama is playing Wile E. Coyote to Snowden's Roadrunner. And as happened in the cartoon, Coyote's dastardly plans to catch the Roadrunner have boomeranged. Now Obama is stuck - if he goes to Russia as originally planned then the warmonger dinosaurs in Congress will say he caved in to Putin. If he stays home, the world will view that move as a childish temper tantrum. The White House just got flattened by a PR boulder. We should give Obama a sign that reads "Oh No Not Again."


Claudio Marty 02.08.2013 15:16

Slap in the face to the neocons & our corrupt U.S. government!

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