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White House: Evidence against Assad not ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ but passes ‘common-sense test’

08.09.2013 22:37

The White House says it has no “irrefutable” evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad was behind the August gas attack in a Damascus suburb, but that a “strong common-sense test irrespective of the intelligence” suggests the government is responsible.

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Pam Miner 10.09.2013 04:59

[='Jing Yagunazie' ='09.09.2013 ']Monsanto super-secret ‘above Congress’ trade scheme to outlaw GMO labeling worldwide

) It’s called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a super secret trade pact negotiated completely outside of law, with no congressional authority with the aim of forcing nations around the world to ban GMO labeling, use Monsanto’s GMO crops and keep drug prices high to enrich the medication monopolists.

Monsanto is the most evil corporations in the world, just like ALEX.
I expect to find the Koch brothers at some level.
Anything for money. let it kill people, just get rich quick.


Pam Miner 10.09.2013 04:36

Abinico Warez 09.09.2013 21:32

Common sense says Mossad.


What, you think an Arab can't have common sense?? Those AlQueda terrorists are real nut cases, but most educated(non-extremi st) Arabs Do know what common sense is!


Pam Miner 10.09.2013 04:31

It makes No common sense for Assad to gas his own people. He is more of a good guy than to rebels, who are terrorists and religious extremists.
This isn't some deep "Oh those poor people, it is more likely that there is an oil pipeline dispute going on.
I voted for Obama, but he has changed.
He is still better than any GOP pick , but it's getting hard to tell the difference.


Andrew Hoffman 10.09.2013 00:02

Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle 09.09.2013 18:10

OK here we go, week #2. Let me ask a golden question, by sending in cruse missiles won't that cause civilian casualties by what America refers to as: Collateral Damage? Let's face it, dead is dead and does it matter whether you were hit with chemicals or a nice cruse missile? Somehow we've measured in our scope of vision a nice weapon to a dirty weapon? Somehow we've accepted Collateral Damage as an acceptable Quantity as doing business?


Well now that you mention it, I'd much rather be gassed with sarin than burned alive with white phosphorus!


Abinico Warez 09.09.2013 21:32

Common sense says Mossad.


Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle 09.09.2013 18:29

"We've seen the video proof of the outcome of those attacks” “All of that leads to a quite strong COMMON-SENSE test irrespective of the intelligence that suggests that the regime carried this out. Referred to its satellite and signals intelligence, as well as military communications! There's those anonymous photos and Intel they keep talking about, but don't show anyone! CNN is not an open forum for discussion, with there track record you Might as well believe the State Department! For Assad's Government to put out a fig leaf and actually surrender his WMD's is a good-Start! America's Move!


Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle 09.09.2013 18:10

OK here we go, week #2. Let me ask a golden question, by sending in cruse missiles won't that cause civilian casualties by what America refers to as: Collateral Damage? Let's face it, dead is dead and does it matter whether you were hit with chemicals or a nice cruse missile? Somehow we've measured in our scope of vision a nice weapon to a dirty weapon? Somehow we've accepted Collateral Damage as an acceptable Quantity as doing business?


Dimitri 09.09.2013 17:45

Common sense test, by whose sense is that. Are they taking us for fools. White house is just trying to get payed by aipac.


Daniel_P 09.09.2013 17:28

Any attack on Syria would aid Al Qeada terrorists whom we are at war with. This would be an act of treason under the Constitution.


James Whitten 09.09.2013 17:28

This is a clear admission: We have NO EVIDENCE!


Safdar Akbari 09.09.2013 16:58

A usual pack of lies by western countries...


Mike Wood 09.09.2013 16:56

Apparently the rest of the world doesn't have 'common sense' gee, come on folks, the White House is god.


razy 09.09.2013 15:59

Please just read this sentence of the White House Chief of Staff again:

"This is not a court of law and intelligence does not work that way".

It means they don't need evidences and they can always decide and strike where ever they want. How can we accept this american arrogance?


WorldView 09.09.2013 15:56

I'm American and old enough to remember plainly the Cuban missile crisis..
Many of Obama's core advisory team-weren't even born then-
They are manifestly incompetent...
T here was an old vintage Twilight Zone episode about a 10 year old kid who held his small rural town in terror..hostage to his every whim, because he had the telekinetic ability to put anyone who defied him into the cornfield.
That' s what we have in Obama's administration:
kids who risk putting us all into a nuclear winter cornfield


Chelle Viceroy 09.09.2013 15:25

I love my Country and its history...We are a proud people..But our government is way out of control..I truly thought that we were moving ahead..we electing Our First African/ American President...
Oba ma even stated that him being in office 20 years ago wouldnt have even been considered because of the color of his skin...He is an embarassment to all peoples of all colors and creeds...Our government has made a mockery of our process of government...And a mockery to the world...Lets fire the whole bunch of them...They forgot that we hired them and We Can Fire them..


Pantera Persa 09.09.2013 14:45

WorkTogether 09.09.2013 13:53

Good for you!!! So sick of people running down Iran!!


An d thank you for the 'Mark Twain Civilization' quote. It's my thought of day on FB.

Iran, throughout it's long and illustrious history has been through & repelled all invaders, From The Arabs to the Mongols (200 yrs); retaining it's integrity ,whilst contributing a great deal to science & literature. The Persian empire at it's pinnacle survived, having complete respect for each culture under it's rule, and not through decimation.

in short my friend: We're not worried about the latest band of thugs


Irena sob 09.09.2013 14:42

"beyond reasonable doubt’ but passes ‘common-sense test"

=>OMG, it is nonsense ! Why is america so stupid?


Ken 09.09.2013 14:41

The US administration is SO lame - - -


WorkTogether 09.09.2013 14:03

vann.tedd 09.09.2013 12:22

No one with half a brain will believe Assad will order same day UN chemical investigators arrive to Damascus a chemical attack and later leave the body of victims for Rebels use it as propaganda. Common sense tells the whole crime scene was setup by the Cannibals in order to get NATO help them and declare a no fly zone in internet for voltairenetDotorg for info of the chemical attack. The children that shows in the videos of the chemical attack were recognized by their real parents...


Now this comment reflects COMMON SENSE to perfection! Hear Hear


Abu Fatima 09.09.2013 13:58

van.tedd, understood. One hearsay cannot cancel out another hearsay, so true in courts of law, but Messrs Kerry 'skull n bones' and Obama 'Putin's a d-ck'' has got their masters' beloved media errand boys acting as judge, witness and jury.

WorkT ogether, methinks the Organ Eating Support Gang should apply for NGO status, then do fundraising & collect donations at street corners to feed their fine young cannibals.


WorkTogether 09.09.2013 13:53

Pantera Persa 09.09.2013 13:22

[quote name='logical-americ an' time='09.09.2013 12:14']Not that their opinion matters over the will of the Ayatollah, but what do Iranians think of their nation supporting an Arab dictator using chemical weapons on it's own people after their difficult history with chemical weapons?
[/quote ]

British-I ranian here: There's clearly no reasoning with you, So I suggest you read all the comments (most of them from your compatriots) for your answer.


Good for you!!! So sick of people running down Iran!!


WorkTogether 09.09.2013 13:48

Horus 09.09.2013 13:12

ATTN "Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday 9/9/13 that Syrian President Bashar Assad could resolve the crisis surrounding his purported use of chemical weapons by turning "every single bit" of his arsenal over to the international community by the end of the week."


Yes, sure! US wants his arsenal out of the way so they can then really hit Syria without danger of CW. Mindblowing what these useless low lives will do to save face while trying to humiliate Assad into looking guilty when world leaders know he's not & know US strike on Syria is mindless aggression.


WorkTogether 09.09.2013 13:30

The Congress, the Senate, the OBombo-Warmongo (beat the drums here!!) little tzars & all the little WH side-kicking out of tune singing feet lickers, have truly become the laughing stock of the world. They are like dogs chasing a car... when thet catch up to it, they don't know what to do with it.. but bark and bark and bark.. until people with sense shuts them up... Hope Americans soon free themselves of the debased Organ Eater Support Gang as the world already knows what Egypt knows about Obama & this will soon be revealed. Even the filthy rich zionist-LIE-onists don't have enough money to shut everyone up!


Pantera Persa 09.09.2013 13:22

[quote name='logical-americ an' time='09.09.2013 12:14']Not that their opinion matters over the will of the Ayatollah, but what do Iranians think of their nation supporting an Arab dictator using chemical weapons on it's own people after their difficult history with chemical weapons?
[/quote ]

British-I ranian here: There's clearly no reasoning with you, So I suggest you read all the comments (most of them from your compatriots) for your answer.


The plague 09.09.2013 13:16

logical-americ an 09.09.2013 11:45

When you combine the logical physical evidence with the Classfied signals intelligence; there is no doubt the Assad regime used chemical weapons on his own people.


The cheap troll has spoken his usual message of idiocy.
That guy is anything but logic.
And while he seems to loath RT, it doesn't stop him however from coming back over and over to voice BBC propaganda.


WorkTogether 09.09.2013 13:15

dan 09.09.2013 13:08

there's strong evidence that obama and kerry are idiots


Yeah! And they escaped from Singh Singh where frontal lobotomies had been performed on them... Horrible that the US must now put up with mindless no-brainers, ain't it?


Horus 09.09.2013 13:12

ATTN "Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday 9/9/13 that Syrian President Bashar Assad could resolve the crisis surrounding his purported use of chemical weapons by turning "every single bit" of his arsenal over to the international community by the end of the week."


WorkTogether 09.09.2013 13:11

Sorry ABU FATIMA, that your name did not feature in my quoting you, but thank you so much for bringing Mr da Prata's comment to the attention of everyone here. As far as common sense goes, the only people in the US who know the meaning of these words, are its people... and they must stand up against the mindless fiends stealing their country from them and kick the A-BO-MINATION out of their White House. Kerry was a blast on TV today, saying use of CW was abolished over a 100yrs ago, when the world knows how successive US gov's used chemical weapons from Vietnam to Iraq & Libya as if it was icing sugar.


Dave Cain 09.09.2013 13:07

Mr. Kerry does not seem to understand that he HAS no credibility because this is almost the same script Bush used for an illegal invasion of Iraq. He, and his evil boss, do not seem to understand that NOBODY, who has not sold his or her soul, believes him.


Geoff King 09.09.2013 13:06

Steven Duplisea 09.09.2013 11:49

70% in the US, according to a just released CNN poll, show are against US military strikes & direct involvement in the Syrian conflict.


Wow, if the Communist News Network is reporting 70%, it must really be more like 95%.


MEJanssen 09.09.2013 12:55

Not that their opinion matters over the will of their absolute monarch, but what do Saudi Arabians think of their nation supporting cannibalistic terrorists in Syria and supplying them with chemical weapons?

Th ere, fixed it for you.


Abu Fatima 09.09.2013 12:43

Just in at RT's syria-crisis-live-up dates-047:

12:27 GMT: Freed after being kidnapped in Syria, Belgian teacher and writer, Pierre Piccinin da Prata, has said that the Syrian regime did not use chemical weapons. “This is my moral duty to tell [sic] about this,” he said in an interview with the RTL-TV channel. “This is not Assad’s government who used sarin gas or any other combat gas in [the] Damascus area. We are sure about this after we accidently heard a conversation between rebels.”

Let's hear Lavrov and Putin raise this & see if loyal poodles in western capitals demonise Mr da Prata.


Nancy Voort Metz 09.09.2013 12:28

it is beyond a reasonable doubt the our governments are done... abuse of weapons when they could be used for something more productive is an embarrassment to humanity.... war is a tired game that only old tired men still want to play.


MPX 09.09.2013 12:23

Why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
Matthew 7 : 3 & 5

The US doesn't care a bit how many people die or what weapons are being used, as long as it's to their advantage. Who dropped nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?


Pete Wagner 09.09.2013 12:07

Begs the question, what is Talmudic common sense?


David Hilton 09.09.2013 11:48

The American judicial system dictates that a man is innocent until proven guilty, every court of law demands evidence that casts no shadow of doubt as to the guilt of the defendant; so why are the likes of Kerry being aloud to flout the law, it is undemocratic and illegal.
Kerry`s behavior is tantamount to a prosecutor demanding a conviction without recourse to evidence because he says the defendant is guilty and that should be good enough for the jury !!.
Well it is NOT good enough for this particular Juror Mr Kerry, I want proof before I will agree to you starting WW3.


Homer 09.09.2013 11:08

And why is it not common sense that by using chemical weapons, Bashar Al-Assad would be the one standing to lose the most, both in terms of his own people and his allies support (U.S. not included)?

Those warmongering may talk about common sense all they want, but it's them that lost track of it... a long time ago.


MEJanssen 09.09.2013 11:05

Obama and his minions have no real evidence. What we have instead is another Faith-Based president, who says, "I believe! Trust me!"


The plague 09.09.2013 10:58

Great! Now instead of being exhibited at the zoo, clones of kissinger and pol pot are giving press conferences and lecturing us on logic!
What a progress of society indeed!
The greedy bloodstained hands of imperialism are once again at work, spreading chaos at every turn.

The warmongering lobbies can choke and die, every last one.
Their death would be no great loss to humanity.


Myeyezopened 09.09.2013 10:46

Recent events with Syria have made it obvious that there is a menacing hidden influence which is relentlessly driving the executive branch of the USA government to attack Syria. These influences reside in the highest echelons of the intelligence agencies. These people have effectively overtaken America. But they are not the people pulling the strings. They work on behalf of the Zionist financial corporate elite. They dictate USA foreign affairs and this has been the case for decades now. The people of the USA have spoken. They overwhelmingly oppose any altercation with Syria, but their voices are being raised in vain.


alitheia 09.09.2013 10:25

It appears the US government will reach it's debt ceiling, yet again, in October 2013. I suppose they are happy with the suggestion that Saudi Arabia will fully fund a potential US-led aggression towards Syria.

It appears the US-government is like a war-mongering harlot for hire.


alitheia 09.09.2013 10:23

There are many angles and potentialities to this Syrian affair; e.g.
[1] The Iraq-Syria-Iran gas pipeline deal in 2011
[2] Assad banning GMO's in food in 2012; I bet US-gov/Monsanto were really "happy" about this
[3] Syrian being the stepping stone to Iran
[4] Assad's nationalistic type stance directed to former colonial powers and suggesting these colonial powers et al to mind their own business and stay out of middle eastern affairs
[5] US vs Russia scenario (beware of quiet China ?)
[6] etc.


alitheia 09.09.2013 10:22

So, video footage showing dead people, however painful that may be, automatically implicates Assad as the culprit ? Where is the common sense reasoning in that logic ? Where is the "real" evidence Mr Obama, supposedly linking Assad's actions to the causation of the fatalities ? Is there any "real" evidence ? I guess not !


donriver 09.09.2013 10:11

The common sense test-is this a joke?
Common sense=go with the party that is protecting minorities!
Comm on sense=Do not help the terrorists that caused 9/11 !
Common sense= When both sides loath you don't get involved!
Common sense= When you have a President that could not even handle Benghazi why let him lead you into war!

Where is the common sense in all this?


Dave 09.09.2013 09:48

COMMON SENSE! lol, so Assad used CW when he knew full well it would bring in the american death machine, also why would he use it on his own citizens in a time of war. Surely he would need the as much support from his citizens as possible in a war. Also lets imagine that he was completely insane and did use CW, surely he would of used it against the people he is fighting.


Shukry Haramy 09.09.2013 09:14

You can not put a man away for theft,based on the test of common sense, let alone go to war.


Istlota Everyman 09.09.2013 09:12

What most people already agree upon is that there was a chemical attack. What Obama, obviously, cannot prove is who was responsible. Even if you are one of those Obama-esque war mongers who think bombing people who have already been subjected to a chemical attack represents justice, you still should, at the very least, be able to first prove who is the guilty party you should bomb.

Other wise, you are not seeking justice. You are just a sick, twisted, psychopath who is taking advantage of the pain and suffering of the Syrian people to push thru your own sick, twisted, psychopathic political agenda.


Frank Fileccia 09.09.2013 08:52

backpedaling at it's best


SourceKnown! 09.09.2013 08:00

I do not recognize the White House or any of it's current staff as representative of the peoples of America or Europe!

Nor do I recognize any leader who was involved in the regime change, that has taken place in Libya!

There are too many people with too many motives who have power over us, the power in this world needs to be redistributed, who needs congress when we have the ability to interact globally?

W e do not need to look to soulless creatures for leadership anymore, I am sick of the elites bickering and fighting and the constant WARS!

Simpl y start to rule yourselves by being involved in you own futures!


Tam Hunter 09.09.2013 07:54

to hel with the usa and all the allies backing them, even my home country, i have no part of this and would join the ranks of those who are opposed to this world order


paula gilmour 09.09.2013 07:27

It's is laughable that they expect us to believe they are humanitarians ..... Greedy nasty people would be nearer the mark I feel sorry for all of us letting a few dictate who dies so wrong the world in general does not want war why don't they spend their resources bettering humanity and the Earth instead of constant destruction time for the people to be heard


james grant 09.09.2013 07:01

So the Laws that govern the international norms of behaviour of States, and the judicial framework supporting those laws, are different to the laws that govern behaviour (and consequences) within most civilised Western States ? ie. Factual evidence, a trial (of some sorts), innocent until proven guilty (beyond a reasonable doubt). No Mr President, civilised folk don’t bomb others on the basis of common sense…listened to your Public.


Fatt Lipp 09.09.2013 06:56

the cheasiest propaganda talk i yet to of read in the whole time of human history, the dead are laughing at this one


Maja Pahit 09.09.2013 06:26

This CW in Syria had been designed to distract american on 911 champaign. The real big issue is when global society conlude that 911 was inside job so the whole program on The War on Terror collaps absolutely.


Ammar Salman 09.09.2013 06:21

They claim they have a record of Assad army officer talks a day before the attack about the chemical weapon, the question is: is it the same conversation the CIA intercepted in IRAQ about senior officer in Saddam army talking about the mobile chemical factory that Colon Powell presented to the UN about IRAQ MDW? or it is a new one???


David Holland 09.09.2013 06:05

Message for public and social media in the west,
People in the west have been deceived by the so called ILLUMINATI who really are just a little boys club of haters and dividers. They try to instill fear and intimidate with threats and such, but they do not intimidate me!!! I know their game here in the west and in Germany of old, and have studied them and watched their tricks and circus acts controlling the media. They are just a bunch of punks and spoiled rich kids who have to have their way, so don't be fooled as they HAVE NO POWER, and are listed for the clean up.


Monroe Reimers 09.09.2013 06:04

Well we all know how 'common' the sense of a practiced liar is. These people are desperate coming up with this sort of garbage. Clearly aimed at the Western mental cripple of which there seems to be so many.


AnonymousDeputy 09.09.2013 05:56

99% Americans say no! We have no business getting involved, Someone needs to arrest Obama! The people say no, the world says no and yet this meatball thinks he is god!


Maria Engström 09.09.2013 05:28

It's just a coincidence...


Dobryj 09.09.2013 05:15

"commons sense" tells me that rebels are being supported financially and militarily, because they manage to drag this war for over 2 years! Over 2 years, someone has been giving them money. For over 2 years, someone has been giving them weapons, providing medical services. Common sense tells me that if the benefactor of the war is USA and Israel, than probably they are funding the terrorists.


Common Ali 09.09.2013 04:59

Now USA is talking about 'common sense' approach; gone is the 'irrefutable proof' stance. Maybe someone in the administration read the Iraqi dairies!!


Gregg Pykapone 09.09.2013 04:29

God knows the USA is responsible for ALL Syrians that have died.
God knows the USA assisted and orchestrated these rebels from small rock throwing protesters
that were getting killed by police into hate and murdering soldiers for your Middle East agenda towards Iran.
(like a USA policeman would not shoot to kill if you threw huge rocks at him without stopping)
God knows the USA murders for religious purposes, For Israel.
God knows about the false propaganda following this.
God knows about the false propaganda today.
The USA manipulators of the Middle East sleep with Syria's deaths.


rogirl 09.09.2013 04:27

There is a proverb that the US should take heed of and that is "when you find yourself trapped in a hole stop digging". The US has no firm evidence and look more stupid every day, and even if they did Syria is not their business, the US should stop playing the big policeman of the world and sort out its own problems.


BIG-ONE5 09.09.2013 03:34

Reason the world supports them so much. All this mess to install a pro west pro bus. government. and to prevent the 300's from be installed under Assad's watch. Israel people are NOT GODS!


Sony Jim 09.09.2013 03:12

...In an interview with NBC, the Chief of Staff stressed that“nobody is rebutting the intelligence; nobody doubts the intelligence.”

Nobody huh? ... OK so if I can show clear public record that a number of people including world leaders, academics etc... all voiced strong doubt; will the Chief of Staff admit to being a liar and resign please?


Horus 09.09.2013 03:07

It was neither Assad nor the FSA, I Have Concluded it was clearly the work of Infiltrators from another Land "Jihadist." ;


Sony Jim 09.09.2013 03:04

I'm trying to get my head around this new way of thinking... Obama (an American) wants to use corporal punishment on Syrian people because some (Al Qaeda) rebels posted images of dead people on YouTube and said that the other guys did it...

So based on someone having just now posted an image on YouTube of an American shot in Washington DC, along with a convincing rumour from some Libyans that Hilary Clinton has access to the type of gun used, and she was probably in the area the shooting had taken place, can I (an Australian) now in all good ethic and legal standing go blow Clintons sociopathic brains out?


kc 09.09.2013 03:01

If there is anything comes out of white house , it is fabricated.
White house is where they keep liar especialy when they open their mouth.


Maria Engström 09.09.2013 02:53

In other words:

Whit e House: 'We have absolutely no Evidence whatsoever!'


Horus 09.09.2013 02:49

My guess is whoever did it tested it on the children they ubducted first, Uploaded the results to youtube then carried out the larger attack which produced more videos!


Horus 09.09.2013 02:46

[quote name='miscom 2008' time='09.09.2013 02:38']It seems that you are forget that US government spy and control already inside google, yahoo, facebook, etc. It means that they can do anything to the data

[/quot e]

you do make a good point! I read the artical I was refering to again, I guess the "?" suposidly uploaded some of the videos the US media was using to gain support "Right before the Actual Chemical attack even took place" and in those videos were children abducted 2 weeks before the chemical attacks! so they dont need metadata, some of the videos were obviously uploaded before the attack even took place!


Christopher John Walters 09.09.2013 02:42

They had to ditch the "intelligence&q uot; reports because it either doesn't exist or is Hollywood style propaganda which would be too embarrassing to release for closer scrutiny so they rely on the video that shows someone doing Chest compressing so badly when i showed it to a paramedic he laughed and as for the close in shot of the eyes that proves nothing but proves the eyes were zoomed in on for propaganda effect ,, there are many meds that can decrees pupil size including Opiates ..


miscom 2008 09.09.2013 02:38

It seems that you are forget that US government spy and control already inside google, yahoo, facebook, etc. It means that they can do anything to the data


Horus 09.09.2013 01:57

They should be Requesting the Video Metadata Logs from Youtube so they can see which Dates the videos were actually recorded on? Hello


Horus 09.09.2013 01:54

The videos Metadata should show somthing about when these Videos of these children laying on the ground dead were taken, doesnt Youtube Log all of this metadata stuff about videos when users upload before youtube converts them?


Horus 09.09.2013 01:50

Their is New News Floating around saying that some of the Videos of the children who died is actually being filmed by the people who murdered them, They say they are children who were abducted by jihadists two weeks before in Alawite villages in the surroundings of Latakia, 200km away from Ghouta.


Torcularis 09.09.2013 01:37

I'll make sure to use "common sense" as my legal defense if I get arrested for ousting a corporation's immoral bullshit. Surely I will walk away victorious if it works for the White House, right?


marcus 09.09.2013 01:29

It begs the question. If the US attacks Syria, why wouldn't Russia attack Saudi Arabia? They have been terrorizing Russia for years. they have threatened terrorist attacks at the Olympics. They are destabilizing iraq and are behind the sunni - Shite religious wars. They are also advocating the war with Iran. It begs the question....


Carlos Gomez 09.09.2013 00:32

uh does anyone remember "THEY" beat the war drum to go to war in Iraq with the same, "common sense test?" An well we still haven't found that huge cache of Weapons Of Mass Destruction yet....I think its a veil of mass distraction, personally.
Think People, if the former Soviet Union warred in Afghanistan for 10 yrs., went home after the futility, then went bankrupt. What if History Repeats itself again...????


Pantera Persa 09.09.2013 00:23

Then 'Common sense' dictates that: 12 of the G20 countries' governments need to be overthrown immediately.

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