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White supremacists violently clash with anti-racists near Chicago

23.05.2012 16:28

Groups with opposing ideologies about race in America clashed at a suburban Chicago restaurant over the weekend, and though the bloody aftermath has since been dealt with, two parties of extremists are now more at odds than ever.

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Anonymous user 16.04.2013 06:45

Harm sissies. Wear masks and dress all in black with sticks and gang up on persons that are white.

Anonymous user 16.04.2013 06:39

InHARM is full of cr-p. Bullies and sissies. They were extremely short lived. Pickin up soap.

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 01:09

Interestingly, Valkyries who have been ridden by Black men swear they never want to go back to white

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 01:03

Black men love white Nordik woman and white Nordik woman love Black men.
Its a union made in heaven


DeadBones Brook 12.03.2013 21:40

@Otto von Bülow
focussing on the negatives of an entire race is what leads to genocide. you disgust me

36% by black men and u dont quote how many WHITE women are raped by WHITE men, cause thats ok right?

you are truely a sick person, just ftr i am white.

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