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Deadly winter storms ravage US, threatening nightmarish Thanksgiving travel for millions

Published time: November 26, 2013 17:02
Reuters/Brian Snyder

Reuters/Brian Snyder

Those planning to trip home for Thanksgiving should brace themselves: a deadly winter storm is scheduled to hit the East Coast just in time to cause plenty of travel problems.

The front – a combination of snow, ice, and heavy, freezing rain – began out in California last week and has already hit Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Although the storm was less severe than expected in the three previously mentioned states, due in part to temperatures that ran above freezing, it’s still thought to be responsible for at least 11 deaths – half of which occurred in Texas.

The front is scheduled to strike the East Coast and the Southeast over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday, as more than 43 millions Americans are expected to travel to see family members for Thanksgiving. By Thursday, the storm will have moved past the East Coast, leaving cold temperatures in its wake.

"The timing of the storm couldn't be worse," Chris Vaccaro, a spokesman for the weather service headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, said to the Associated Press. "We are seeing numerous threats as the storm is beginning to develop and intensify."

Winter storm warnings have been issued for parts of the eastern half of the U.S. until at least Wednesday afternoon, according to the AP. Nearly 2.5 million people are expected to flyon Wednesday, and the National Weather Service stated delays are virtually guaranteed to occur at major airports in New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, and Charlotte. American Airlines and its regional affiliates alone have already canceled about 950 flights across the country betweenSundayandMonday, and the storm is yet to come for densely populated cities on the East Coast.

Drivers in New Jersey, meanwhile, have been advised to lower their speed on highways. Other cities, like Baltimore and D.C., are also issuing winter weather advisories.

The storm has been pegged to bring snow and ice along with rain to states on the East Coast, from the Carolinas all the way up north to Maine. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Buffalo, New York are both expecting up to eight inches of snow, while even more could fall in the Adirondacks.

Southeastern states such as Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee, meanwhile, are expected to be battered with heavy rainfall, and there’s a possibility the storm could spark a tornado in the Florida Panhandle.

Some states, such as Arkansas, were prepared for the worst but breathed a sigh of relief when the combination of sleet, freezing rain, and snow didn’t turn out to be as bad as it could have been.

"It's just really cold. We had drizzle but no snow," said Courtney O'Neal-Walden, who owns a diner in Arkansas, to the AP. "You can see (ice) on the power lines but the roads are fine."

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SourceKnown! 26.11.2013 23:18

For too long as individuals and as a collective whole we have been interested in only ourselves.

Now however we have a chance to come together and act in our own best interests.

Surely there are those who know how to survive these kinds of extreme colds, should people hang all of their clothes on the walls? should they insulate the ceilings and floors with what ever they can find?

There must be ways that people can improve their chances of surviving and coping with extreme weather, now is the time to share all the info as a collective group we have and to think up new ways to survive these events!


BernardV 26.11.2013 20:58

ke4ram 26.11.2013 18:34

Anyone that travels by air in the u.s has got to be insane or enjoy the TSA groping services. There is absolutely no reason I would put my children through pedophile training just to enjoy a turkey dinner with Grandma.


I think you mean paedophile. A pedophile is somebody who likes walking..........:)


Ioannis Metaxas 26.11.2013 20:24

If i see just one comment that says "HAARP".
I swear that it, i will never use Russia Today ever again.
Because those dam Tinfoil users ruin every thing.

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