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Ex-CEO of ‘Russian Facebook’: ​‘I’m out of Russia and have no plans to go back’

Published time: April 22, 2014 15:07
Edited time: April 22, 2014 15:58
Pavel Durov (image from

Pavel Durov (image from

Pavel Durov the former CEO of the leading Russian social network VKontakte (VK) says he has left Russia for good and now intends to develop a new mobile social network.

I’m out of Russia and have no plans to go back,” he told Tech Crunch. “Unfortunately, the country is incompatible with internet business at the moment.

The move comes after his resignation a month ago. Durov had been complaining about restrictions on the company’s management.

The shareholders have offered Durov the position of chief architect, but he remains unbending.

I’m afraid there is no going back,” he said of, “not after I publicly refused to cooperate with the authorities. They can’t stand me.

According to his VKontakte page, Durov heard news of his resignation from the press – not the company's board.

It is interesting that the shareholders did not have enough courage to do it directly,” Durov wrote on his VKontakte page, “about this mysterious dismissal I learnt from the press.

The company said that Durov's resignation was granted in accordance with Russian law that enables an individual to resign from his contract obligations after handing in a one-month notice, which Durov did on March 21.

The majority of Vkontakte shares are owned by, which means it now has supervision over the data from biggest Russian social network.

Durov is focused on developing his own mobile messenger called Telegram – similar to Whatsapp, which was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion. The messenger has already started to gain popularity as it offers “secure” services that the company claims do a better job of keeping data away from commercial and government data collection.

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Widerspruchsfreiheit * 23.04.2014 12:04

No. Only inferior types are of a liberal leaning. You have to be deficient in regard to higher cognitive skills to believe Darwinism, to be satisfied with Capitalistic drives (covetousness) or have tolerance towards the homosexual cancer. Just read the comments on Slashdot for example & feel yourself submerged in heavy western stupidity, lack of discernment. The true intellectual is a God fearing (the God of the Bible, not the unholy Trinity or Allah) patriot & Lamarckist. Goedel said that Stalin was a very intelligent person. Let Putin devise such laws that all liberasts just get self-ousted out of our Motherland.


Vuk Marko 23.04.2014 08:02

One just to read his biography and it's clear who actually he is. He spent comfortable childhood in Italy and never had close ties with Russia, has libertarian economic and political views close to anarcho-capitalist agenda, close ties with Wiki world which is under USA governement influence etc. I'm absolutely sure he was groomed by western secret services for years.


Mark 23.04.2014 07:45

It would be great to see all the neocons and oligarchs leave Russia and be replaced by professionally and ethically committed businessmen and business women.

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