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July 25, 2014 17:53
Graham Phillips (Photo from
'Because I work for RT': Graham Phillips deported from Ukraine
Graham Phillips, an RT contributor covering the conflict in eastern Ukraine, has been deported to the UK, following his arrest at Donetsk airport on Tuesday night. 145
Aftermath of an artillery attack by the Ukrainian army on the Artyom district in Slavyansk. (AFP Photo / Andrey Stenin) Ukraine used phosphorous incendiaries, cluster bombs against cities – Russian military
Ukrainian troops have on many occasions used incendiary weapons and cluster bombs against militia-held cities, acts that are banned under the international law regulating warfare, the Russian military said. 98
People walk through the rubble of the Prophet Younis Mosque after it was destroyed in a bomb attack by militants of the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in the city of Mosul, July 24, 2014. (Reuters) ISIS militants blow up Prophet Jonas’ tomb in Iraq – video
The shrine of Jonas – revered by Christians and Muslims alike – has been turned “to dust” near Iraq’s Mosul. Footage of the event was posted online, and witnesses said it took ISIS militants just an hour to stuff the mosque with explosives. 8
An Iranian man wears a blood stained shirt with a headband bearing the word "Gaza" during a demonstration in Tehran on July 25, 2014 to mark Quds (Jerusalem) Day. (AFP Photo / Behrouz Mehri) Massive rallies in Iran urge Palestinians to fight Israel to the end (PHOTOS)
Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets across Iran to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, and condemn Israel’s military operation in Gaza, which has already seen over 800 people dead. 26
Dmytro Yarosh (L), a leader of the Right Sector movement, addresses during a rally in central Independence Square in Kiev February 21, 2014. (Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili) Interpol puts Ukrainian ultranationalist Yarosh on wanted list
The International Criminal Police Organization has put Ukrainian Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh on its wanted list, according to the cross-border police body’s official website. 175
The U.S. base Caserma Del Din in Vecenza, Italy. (Image from US paratroopers arrested in Italy for allegedly raping, robbing pregnant Romanian
Two American paratroopers stationed at a US military base in Italy have been arrested for allegedly beating, raping and robbing a pregnant Romanian prostitute in her six month, whose sex services they originally offered to pay for. 25
AFP Photo / Sabah Wildlife Department Decline in wildlife aggravates human conflict – study
Researchers at UC Berkeley have found an alarming correlation between a decline in wildlife and human conflict. As human activity directly threatens animals, their declining numbers introduce drastic changes to our way of life. 4
Smoke rises following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike on a house, which took place after the end of a five-hour humanitarian ceasefire, in Gaza City July 17, 2014 (Reuters / Saleh Salem) Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip LIVE UPDATES
A ground operation in the Gaza Strip has been launched by Tel Aviv following more than a week of Hamas shelling the country and the IDF responding with air strikes. Over 800 people, both Palestinians and Israelis, have died in the violence. 183
FILE photo. Law enforcement officers near a house in the town of Donetsk, Rostov-on-Don Region, whose territory was hit with one of high-explosive shells fired at the town from the Ukrainian territory on July 13, 2014. (RIA Novosti / Sergey Pivovarov)
Over 40 mortar shells ‘fired to kill’ into Russia from Ukraine
At least 45 mortar shells fired at targets located inside the Rostov-on-Don region have been unleashed by Ukraine’s army, Russia’s border officials said. The barrage destroyed multiple houses and forced an evacuation of civilians. 62
A photo taken on July 23, 2014 shows the crash site of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, in a field near the village of Grabove, in the Donetsk region. (AFP Photo / Bulent Kilic) Armed Australian soldiers, police to deploy to MH17 crash site
A proposed multinational force to further secure the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine will now include over 100 armed Australian police and soldiers. The move comes shortly after 40 unarmed Dutchmen had been deployed to “further stabilize the area.” 555
This handout image courtesy of the US MIssile Defense Agency shows the launch of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile during a test. (AFP Photo) ​US, Russia bicker over US antimissile plans for South Korea
Washington has brushed aside Moscow’s concerns that US plans to deploy a missile defense battery in South Korea would have an impact on regional stability, saying the system is not aimed against Russia. 62
Reuters / Baz Ratner ‘Google must not be left to censor history’ – Wikipedia founder
The power to “censor history” should not be left in Google’s hands, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales warned, after the search engine giant revealed it had approved over 90,000 so-called ‘right to be forgotten’ requests. 9
A handout photo released on July 25, 2014 by ECPAD shows the wreckage of the Air Algerie flight AH5017 which crashed in Mali's Gossi region, west of Gao. (AFP Photo) 10 people from same French family die in AH5017 crash
Ten people from the same French family were killed in the Air Algerie plane crash, which went down in Mali on Thursday, killing the 118 passengers and Spanish crew members. 10
Reuters / NASA Mysterious black holes may be exploding into ‘white holes’
A new scientific theory suggests that when black holes reach the end of their lifespan, they explode into “white holes” and release all of their matter into space. 56


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