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August 21, 2014 14:48
Trucks of a Russian convoy carrying humanitarian aid for Ukraine are parked at a Russia-Ukraine border crossing point "Donetsk" in Rostov Region, August 21, 2014 (Reuters / Alexander Demianchuk)
Humanitarian convoy: First trucks with Russian aid may enter Ukraine on Friday
Trucks with Russian humanitarian aid to war-torn eastern Ukraine are going through customs at the border. Following a delay caused by the Ukrainian side, the convoy may finally start moving to its destination on Friday, a Red Cross official said. 28
Still from Ruptly video ‘I never saw people die before’: Injured girl shares horrors of Donetsk shelling (VIDEO)
Ukrainian army shelling has forever changed the life of a teenage girl near Donetsk. She is now lying in hospital with a shattered arm and shrapnel wounds. The teen saw several people, including children, being killed by falling bombs on the riverbank. 390
ARCHIVE PHOTO: A girl, injured in what the government said was a chemical weapons attack, is treated at a hospital in the Syrian city of Aleppo March 19, 2013 (Reuters / George Ourfalian) ​On brink of Syria invasion: 1 year since Ghouta chemical attack
A year has passed since a chemical attack in the rebel-held suburbs of Damascus killed more than 1,400 people. A US strike on Syria seemed a reality. Yet an international effort managed to forge a path to averting military intervention. 13
People walk past a closed McDonald's restaurant in Moscow, August 20, 2014 (Reuters / Tatyana Makeyeva) McDonald’s restaurants under probe across Russia as three Moscow outlets stay shut
Investigations into the activity of McDonald’s restaurants are underway across Russia. Three restaurants – including the first one to open in Russia – were temporarily closed in Moscow over sanitary issues. 31
Reuters / Stringer End of the line: GMO production in China halted
In a surprise U-turn, China’s Ministry of Agriculture has decided not to continue with a program which developed genetically-modified rice and corn. Some environmentalists say public concerns about GM crops played a key role in the decision. 57
Israelis mourn and light candles in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on June 30, 2014 after the announce that the bodies of the three missing Israeli teenagers were found (AFP Photo) Hamas official admits group murdered 3 Israeli teens
A Hamas official has admitted for the first time that members of its militant wing kidnapped and killed three Israeli teenagers in June. This fueled increased tensions with Israel and eventually led to the IDF’s bombardment of Gaza. 12
Mark Paslawsky. Image from ‘Only’ American fighter within Kiev forces dies in battle in E. Ukraine
The only American known to have joined a volunteer unit within the Ukrainian military, fighting the anti-government forces in the country’s east, has been killed in action, authorities confirm. 232
Reuters/Maxim Shipenkov Long-term spaceflights challenged as harm to astronauts’ health revealed
NASA is looking into whether astronauts can survive long-term spaceflight, with the latest study identifying possible health risks including asymptomatic infections, increased allergies and persistent rashes. 41
Liberian security forces stand in front of protesters after clashes at West Point neighbourhood in Monrovia August 20, 2014 (Reuters / 2Tango) Police open fire, use tear gas on crowds as Liberia struggles to contain deadly Ebola
Four people were injured in clashes when soldiers opened fire and used tear gas on demonstrators in the quarantine zone in the Liberian capital, Monrovia. It’s as the world tries to contain the fatal outbreak and to find a cure for the deadly disease. 38
Reuters / Thomas Peter Russian scientists to set up lab in Guinea to fight Ebola
A team of Russian virologists, epidemiologists and bacteriologists is leaving for Africa to organize laboratory diagnosis of the Ebola virus in Guinea, where the outbreak of the deadly fever is spreading fast. 4
Local residents sit in a basement used as a shelter from artillery fire, in the settlement of Makiivka, on the outskirts of Donetsk, August 19, 2014 (Reuters / Maxim Shemetov) Underground life: E.Ukraine civilians pushed to basements by constant shelling (VIDEO)
Heavy shelling of eastern Ukraine by the country's military continues, with people in despair and badly in need of water and electricity, hiding out in basements. Constant bombardment is laying waste to entire cities. 432
A Palestinian man carries a gas canister that he salvaged from his destroyed house in Beit Hanoun town, which witnesses said was heavily hit by Israeli shelling and air strikes during the Israeli offensive, in the northern Gaza Strip (Reuters) IDF Operation Protective Edge in Gaza Strip LIVE UPDATES
The death toll in Gaza has exceeded 2,000 since Tel Aviv launched their operation Protective Edge on July 8. A new ceasefire came into effect Monday, but broke down Tuesday with both Israel and Palestine threatening to quit truce talks. 442
The star on the spire of the Stalinist building at Kotelnicheskaya Embankment in Moscow has been painted blue by unidentified people (RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov)
Star Wars: Ukraine, Russia flags top Moscow’s iconic Stalin skyscrapers
Banners flew high in Moscow, as an attempt to put a Ukrainian flag on a landmark skyscraper and paint its spire in yellow-blue colors, faced a counter move by a group of daredevils, who decorated another high-rise building with a Russian flag. 123
Still from Ruptly video Soviet-era 'Tesla Tower' restarted with spectacular lightning bolts (VIDEO)
A massive Soviet-built generator – once used for testing the resistance of aircraft to lightning, but now largely mothballed due to prohibitive costs – has staged a striking demonstration test at the behest of RT. 33


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