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November 28, 2014 05:39
A Palestinian journalist speaks to the camera as she stands on a flooded street following heavy rain in Gaza City November 27, 2014.(Reuters / Mohammed Salem )
Flood leaves Gaza in ruins, UN declares state of emergency
An estimated 100,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged as the streets of Gaza City. They were flooded with water and sewage after a week of torrential downpours, prompting the UN Palestinian refugee agency to declare a state of emergency in the area.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko gives a speech during a parliament session in Kiev on November 27, 2014. (AFP Photo / Sergei Supinsky) Poroshenko aims to change laws to allow foreigners into Ukrainian govt
Ukraine’s president has announced plans to change the nation's legislation to make it possible to appoint foreigners to top government positions. This has been dubbed “unprecedented,” and may indicate that the country is being governed “from outside.”
More than 40 ships and submarines representing 15 international partner nations travel in formation in the Pacific Ocean during the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2014 exercise in this U.S. Navy photo taken July 25, 2014. (Reuters/U.S. Navy) US responsible for two-thirds of all military conflicts – Russia’s top brass
US interference in the internal affairs of countries around the world has brought neither peace, nor democracy, said Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister. America’s double standard experiments in supporting terrorists are provoking further destabilization.
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.(AFP Photo / Alfredo Estrella) ‘Mexico has to change’: Pena Nieto pledges reform after 43 students ‘massacred’
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said he will introduce constitutional reform after 43 trainee teachers were allegedly handed by police to a drug gang and then brutally murdered. He pledged to bring corrupt local authorities under the “rule of law.”
Tamimi and other young protesters march through their home village in the West Bank carrying Palestinian flags.(A screenshot from a video by YouTube user Bilal Tamimi) Filming for freedom: 8yo Palestinian girl uses smartphone to report on Israeli occupation
Armed with only a mobile phone, Jana Tamimi – possibly the world’s youngest civilian journalist – has been filming Israeli occupation forces in her West Bank village. The Palestinian girl says she wants to deliver a message to the world with her videos.
Franco Frattini ( AFP Photo / Nicholas Kamm) Italian ex-FM: Sanctions affecting EU much more than expected, not impacting US at all
Italian politician Franco Frattini has hit out at sanctions implemented against Russia, saying they are counterproductive. He also says Russian loans to Ukraine are much bigger than the amount of money the EU is prepared to offer Kiev.
Sheep are gathered in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris during a demonstration of shepherds against the protection of wolves in France November 27, 2014.(Reuters / Jacky Naegelen) French farmers take sheep flocks to Eiffel Tower to protest 'govt-protected' wolves
French farmers herded their sheep to the Eiffel Tower on Thursday to protest against the growing number of attacks on their flocks by wolves, which they argue are protected by the government.
Visitors are served by an Infinium-Serve Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that is designed to serve food and wait tables, at the National Productivity Month exhibition in Singapore October 7, 2014.(Reuters / Edgar Su) Flying robots to work as waiters in Singapore
Flying robotic waiters, known as Infinium-Serve, will be launched in a Singapore restaurant chain by the end of 2015, local media reported on Thursday.
European Council President Herman Van Rompuy (R) welcomes Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko (L).(Reuters / Eric Vidal) EU chief calls for decentralization and federalization of Ukraine
To solve the current crisis in Ukraine, the country should become decentralized and federalized, Herman Van Rompuy, the president of the European Council, announced in his political anniversary speech in Paris this week.
'Happy Thanksgiving!' Syrian Electronic Army 'hack mayhem' hits Western media sites
The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed responsibility for hacking into multiple news websites on Thursday, including the New York Times, CBC and the Telegraph. Visitors saw this pop-up message: “you’ve been hacked by SEA.”
AFP Photo/KAren Bleier EU’s parliament okays break up of Google in symbolic vote
The European Parliament has voted to make search engines split their commercial services from their business. Although the vote is largely symbolic, it adds another notch in a long running standoff between the EU and the US internet giant.
A helicopter flies above theFrench landing helicopter ship "Mistral" which sails off the Naval Base in Toulon, February 18, 2011. (Reuters/Jean-Paul Pelissier) 'Buy the set!': Mistral warships go 'on sale' in Russian & French spoof ads
French and Russian humor may differ, but people in both countries have almost simultaneously placed ads on customer websites, 'selling' the Mistral ships. The offer got quite a response, with people asking for specifications and possible discounts.
Undated handout photo released on February 7, 2008 shows a whale (front) and another (partly seen at right) being dragged on board a Japanese ship after being harpooned in Antarctic waters. (AFP Photo/Australian Customs Service) 'For science’s sake’: Japan insists on whaling despite world condemnation
Japan has long defended its right to whaling, saying it’s purely "for the sake of science," not for business. However, after cutting whaling quotas by two-thirds, Japan announced plans to resume whaling in the Antarctic in late 2015.
French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira (AFP Photo/Frederick Florin) French black justice minister under fire after slamming Ferguson police brutality
The French justice minister has been critical of US police violence after the Ferguson decision. She tweeted Bob Marley’s lyric “Kill them before they grow” referring to teenagers shot down by law enforcers.


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