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December 21, 2014 02:17
AFP Photo/ Jiji Press
​Cyberattack on German steel mill inflicts serious damage
Unknown hackers have inflicted ‘serious damage’ to a German steel mill this year by breaking into internal networks and accessing the main controls of the factory, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) revealed in its annual report.
AFP/ISIL ​Malaysian ISIS fighters taking bank loans to fund ‘one way trip’ to martyrdom
Malaysian wannabe-IS members have been applying for loans in banks, as well as getting rid of most of their property, in order to fund what they believe to be a one way road to martyrdom, the New Straits Times citing investigation papers on five cases.
Passport of Akhlas Akhlaq Ahmed, who was convicted and sentenced to death for role in assassination attempt on Pakistani President Musharraf.  (Reuters/Faisal Mahmood) Russian citizen executed in Pakistan, officials confirm to embassy
Russian citizen Akhlas Akhlaq has been executed in Pakistan together with three other men, all convicted of attempting to assassinate former President Musharraf, Pakistan’s Interior Ministry confirmed to the Russian Embassy.
Screenshot from YouTube user 3D Systems 3D-printed legs make disabled dog learn joy of running (VIDEO)
A pair of 3D-printed legs has sent a dog, born without front limbs, on his first ever run down a street. The video featuring the disabled animal happily sprinting into a normal dog’s life has won the hearts of millions on the web.
A model of a floating city in the atmosphere of Venus (Image from Cloud castles: NASA wants to deploy manned solar-powered airships to Venus
Despite its hellish surface, Venus turns out to be quite an attractive planet for exploration. NASA scientists are developing a project of conquering its upper atmosphere – a fleet of solar-powered aircraft may build up a whole cloud city in the future.
Real Madrid's Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo (R) shakes hands with UEFA President Michel Platini, after Ronaldo won the UEFA European Player of the Year trophy, on August 28, 2014 in Monaco (AFP Photo / Valery Hache) Ronaldo snubs UEFA chief at World Club Cup final presentation
Cristiano Ronaldo gave Michel Platini the cold shoulder as he snubbed the UEFA President at the World Club Cup presentation. Real Madrid had slammed the Frenchman for comments in November when he said the World Player of the Year should go to a German.
AFP Photo / Vincenzo Pinto Italy to spend €200K on seismic-proof plinth for Michelangelo's David
Michelangelo's David will be given a special, anti-seismic plinth worth 200,000 euros, to protect it from earth tremors in Florence. Safety concerns were raised following 250 tremors that rattled the region in the past few days.
Reuters / Ilya Naymushin Slumping Russian ruble threatens German economy – top exec
German companies doing business with Russia are suffering from the weak ruble, as one in three companies will have to fire employees or cancel its projects, the managing director of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce warned.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / AFP Users in tears after 'Instagram rapture' deletes millions of followers
The so-called “Instagram rapture,” which ended in millions of fake accounts being wiped out, has divided Internet users, with some praising the effort to crack down on spam, while others were “in mourning” over the loss of millions of followers overnight.
Andrew Burton / Getty Images / AFP 'Narrow-mindedness': Israel slams UN demand it pay Lebanon for oil spill damage
Israel has been highly critical of a UN General Assembly resolution that calls it to compensate Beirut for the damages caused by a major oil spill that was a result of an Israeli air force strike during the Israel-Hezbollah War in July 2006.
Local residents walk along a street which was devastated by the March 11, 2011 tsunami and earthquake in Iwaki, about 30km south of the tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Fukushima prefecture (Reuters / Issei Kato) Fukushima2020? Disaster-stricken area hopes to host Tokyo Olympic events
Fukushima hopes to host some of the events for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo to show the world that the worst days of the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster are behind it.
AFP Photo/Str 'Cartoons kill': Kids' movies show more death than adult ones, study finds
The number of onscreen deaths of main characters in children’s films is two-and-a-half times greater than in movies for adult audiences, a survey that examined 45 of the highest-grossing animated flicks in history revealed.
This photo taken on December 20, 2014 shows a makeshift memorial at the scene where eight children ranging from babies to teenagers were found dead in a house in the northern Australian city of Cairns. (AFP Photo/Peter Parks) Australian mother charged with murder of 8 children
A 37yo woman in Australia has been charged with the murder of 7 of her children and a niece, who were killed in the northern city of Cairns. Four boys and four girls aged between 2 to 14 were found dead on Friday.
Forensic police collects evidence inside the police station of Joue les-Tours on December 20, 2014, after an assault against police officers by a knife-wielding man who who shouted "Allahu Akbar", and was then shot by the police. (AFP Photo) Knife-wielding man stabs three officers inside French police station
A knife-wielding man has stormed a police station in France shouting "Allahu Akbar”. He managed to stab three officers before being shot and killed.


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