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The price of misinformation: RT at St. Petersburg Forum

Published time: May 22, 2014 17:37
Edited time: May 22, 2014 20:47

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RT’s Peter Lavelle hosts a panel in St. Petersburg and looks at the impact that politically-motivated sanctions have on economic parties on all sides. Experts discuss loss of capital and economic players missing out on economic opportunities in Russia.

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Peter Lаvelle, Anchor, Russia Today


Ben Aris, Editor-in-Chief, Business New Europe
Pepe Escobar, Correspondent, Asia Times
John Laughland, Director of Studies, The Institute of Democracy and Cooperation
Ulrich Lissek, Communications Director, Nord Stream
Alexander Mercouris, International Law Expert
Sebastian Sass, Policy Advisor for EU-Russia Energy and Infrastructure Projects, Sass Consulting

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jamessimpson 11.07.2014 00:25

Mis-information,a natural resort for the power elite. Power is kept by holding information, and using that for the benefit of the elite,whilst ruling the masses with dis-information. All leaders do it,it is the power base. Of course all the policies and decisions that are made must be shown to be logical, based on emperical evidence and in the interest of the nation as a whole or sometimes benefit, those,less able to take care of themselves. We live in a pluralist democracy,whereby, social groups can lobby or petition parliament to enact or mediate the law, or fiscal or monetary policy. That is why we have elections.


Neter 29.05.2014 12:31

So, what's the diff between the full and the non-full version?


Evo Immorales 28.05.2014 22:40

Sound on the full version is not as good.

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